Monday, July 8, 2013

island life

life here is so very different
from our life in paris.
we stay up late.
sleep late.
i leave the house
with out any makeup on..
i haven't used a hair dryer once.
i wear yoga pants or a 
bathing suit and tunic
to the market
with flip flops.

i love paris
but martha's vineyard
is my favorite place to be.

here is our little cottage
that we've rented for the summer.
it's charming and 
i love how the screen door
slams shut.
we like to sit on the porch
and play cards and drink wine.
i keep thinking that if it was mine
how i'd plant hydrangeas all around it. 

the day we arrived my mom
put food in our fridge
and brought sunflowers.

in paris everyone has their own 
bedroom and pretty much their own 
here we all share rooms
and one bathroom.

i love our little island cottage!

 july 2nd we celebrated
hannah's 15th birthday!
my mom hosted a fabulous
dinner with the cousins.
it was such a fun night!

happy birthday sweet hannah!
we love you!


  1. WELCOME HOME! Have a wonderful summer. xoxo

  2. I love your island life! Happy Summer!

  3. Oh it looks SO fun Pam...i love your cottage.
    and happy birthday to! she is beautiful.

  4. i love your little cottage...just what i pictured. glad you are enjoying the simple life with family...xoxo

  5. I love your cozy cottage, Pam! Hope you have a beautiful summer with your family! : )

  6. happy birthday, hannah!
    pam, your cottage is the best.
    i'm imagining it with hydrangeas planted 'round & wisteria vining up the porch ♥

  7. looks and sounds like great memories are being made! :)

  8. Happy birthday Hannah! She's so beautiful, Pam! Your cottage is perfection. And your summer sounds like perfection, too. Enjoy every second! xo