Saturday, July 13, 2013

around the island

steve is flying back to paris tonight.
we won't see him for 3 weeks.
we brought him to the ferry to wave 
we will miss you so much!

we visited stephen at the 
ice cream shop the other 
i can't tell you how much
i love that he's working!

earlier this week
the kids and the cousins
went kayaking.
will learned to kayak 
when he went to brittany 
this past spring with school.
he did awesome!

tuesday the kids and i 
took a drive up island.
alley's general store is 
always a stop for us.

from alley's we drove up
to menemsha..
a beautiful fishing village
that has the best sunsets
and lobster rolls.

and then on to 
aquinnah and the 
gay head cliffs.

someone asked me recently
if i missed paris...
i don't.
i will be ready to go 
back at the end of the summer..
i'm sure.
but for now..
i wouldn't want to be 
anywhere else.


  1. Love your son working at the ice cream shop, Madison works at Dairy Queen and I love that. But I love hard ice cream even more!

    So enjoy following your exciting travels. Thanks for sharing! : )

  2. That looks so lovely! We live on the east coast in PA and I've always wanted to visit the vineyard. Someday! Have a wonderful summer!

  3. Pam-
    you haven't said where or if Stephen is heading in the Fall. Back to Paris with you guys or off to college stateside?
    glad to hear you are having such a great time back in the states. Let me know if you want to head up to Maine and pay us a visit.
    enjoy your summer-

  4. I am so enjoying your pictures. this is a part of the country I haven't had the pleasure to visit yet.....would love to see more!