Monday, April 20, 2015

March and April in Paris

Spring is here!
We have been blessed
with beautiful blue skies,
warm temperatures and
plenty of sunshine!
I am not kidding when I say
that I still pinch myself 
over the fact that we live here!
Almost three years here now
and I continue to feel blessed.

It's been a busy few weeks.
Many visitors,
lots of school activities,
plenty of lunching at outdoor cafe's..
all good..
just busy!

Some exciting family news! ...
Griffin was accepted into 
first grade :)
The application here for school
is no joke.
High fees,
essays etc.
He will attend another 
bilingual school..
this one much closer to our 
We can walk!
It is a sweet little school
and we're very excited he'll be
going there next year.
Griffin has grown up so much 
this past year!
I have absolutely no regrets
keeping him out of preschool..
he's kept up with his peers
academically and socially.

(iphone pic taken at drop off
at Griff's school on Spring day!)

I LOVE that his school is so diverse.
His classmates are from all over the world.
And, it's been fun for me..
getting to know the moms and dads 
of all these great kids!

(another iphone pic taken on my 
47th bday! We face-timed with Stephen so
we could all be together to sing! :)

Stephen was initiated into a fraternity
recently at the University of Miami!
Phi Delta Theta.
I'm hoping this will be a good
experience for him.
I know he's made some 
great friends throughout the pledging
I can't believe he's finishing up his first 
year of college in a few weeks!
He flies home here to Paris May7th!!

(birthday selfie)
Steve took me to Spring
for my birthday!
It was such an 
amazing dining experience.
March 20th..
first day of Spring at 
Spring :)

(another iphone pic)
Spring is beautiful in Paris!

Gorgeous sunsets...

One sunny Sunday 
Steve and I took the boys
over to the Louvre
to ride scooters and bikes.

Some friends were visiting 
last week and I took them
up to Montmarte and Sacre Coeur.

(photo found online)

Headed here Wednesday!
mint tea!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015


April vacation starts tomorrow 
I am finally getting around to 
posting February's!

We headed back to Avoriaz ..
we loved it so much last year
we decided to go again.

It's such a fun, family friendly
ski resort.

We park the car..
(said in my best Boston accent)
and don't see it for a week.

Our place is nothing fancy..
but it's perfect for our family.

We lucked out with a few very sunny days..

Steve and I on a ski date
to Switzerland. 

We have a beautiful view from 
our apartment..

We love our family ski trips..
but Stephen was missed.
Next year, Hannah will go 
on the senior class ski trip so
it'll just be Steve and I and 
the two little boys.

Kids are growing up fast!!