Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What I Love About Paris #3

the doors..

i find myself photographing
the doors of paris frequently..
i have many more to share i'm sure..
but i have to get packing!
tomorrow we leave for the french alps!

have a great week!

Monday, February 17, 2014

An Afternoon in Montmarte

oh montmarte..
how i need to get up
to see you more.
steve and i took the two 
little boys to montmarte
for the afternoon.
i love that i am a tourist..
but i live here!

it was a beautiful sunny day
here..and almost 50.
we walked some of the hilly,
windy streets and then stopped
at a cafe. we sat outside
and enjoyed the view.
a perfect sunday i think.
here are some pictures 
from montmarte

lovely shops..
inside and out.

can you see the dome of
les invalides?

view from our cafe seat

griff didn't want his picture

eiffel tower gummy bears

tights, wool shorts,
a little fur..
this petite fille
has got it.

stylish french woman
ordering her poulet.

a great day in 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Always Smiling

the weather here yesterday 
was crazy!
i ran out to the market
and got caught in a hail/rain storm.
as i walked home in the pouring rain
and wind
i passed others struggling with their umbrellas.
i smile and laugh 
and get nothing in return.
it's so funny!
a few weeks ago at my local 
my non-smiling grocer asked
me if i was american.
i said, 'of course! can't you tell?'
he said, yes..because you're always 

is my post from last 
Valentine's day.

happy valentine's day!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

21 days

(a grumpy griffy)

it's been cold/windy/rainy here
in paris.
somedays we just want to
stay in all day and read books
in our jammies.

and speaking of books..
i'm just finishing up 
by Dr. David Perlmutter.
first of all i am
proud to say that today
i am 21 days off carbs/sugar.
i lost 7 pounds
but more importantly 
i feel terrific.

i bought the book
after i was about two weeks into
my carb restriction
and this book has 
changed my life.

i was a total carboholic.
pasta and mashed potatoes
were comfort food for me.
croissants with my coffee..
walking home from the market 
with a baguette or two under my arm..
and pizza.
oh how we love our pizza.

let me also say that going off
carbs in paris is 
NOT easy!

(the sun!)

i can't say that i'll never eat pasta/bread/pizza
but i will say that it won't be a part
of my daily diet.

now the real work begins..
converting my husband 
and kids.
i've been texting steve quotes
from the book..

i believe in the saying that
it takes 21 days to start/stop a habit..
but i'll tell you that it took
only 3 days to get the carb cravings
out of my system.
i feel great!

i love this building on avenue rapp.
we always stop to admire it on
our way home from the library.

still a bit obsessed with

Friday, February 7, 2014

A Fun Day at the Grand Palais

i've been taking a break from
the blog/instagram lately.
it's nice to step away from it for a while.

i finished reading the trilogy about
josphine bonaparte.
i can't wait to take a trip out
to Malmaison thanks to
Veronique and Elizabeth 's
it will be an easy trip by train..
just not sure if i should wait and 
go in the spring when the gardens
are blooming??

here are some pictures taken
at the Grand Palais over 
Christmas break.
the kids and i walked from our
house one cold and sunny day.
for a few weeks over Christmas,
the Grand Palais hosted an indoor
amusement park..
complete with ferris wheel rising
all the way to the top of the dome.
so fun!

view from the top of the ferris wheel

another view from the top..
looking out towards place de la concorde
and the petite palais.

hannah and will rode the
crazy mouse so many times

i had a little glass of bubbly
while we watched hannah and will
ride the swings.

i took a lot of pics of the
ferris wheel.

we stayed pretty late!
and rode the ferris wheel

walking home

looking back at the grand palais

walking home towards 
les invalides

almost home.
 a great day!

and i may be the last 
to know about the new
waterlogue app. 
but wow..
so fun! 
i took this picture of
notre dame...

and voila!!

so cool!