Thursday, February 13, 2014

21 days

(a grumpy griffy)

it's been cold/windy/rainy here
in paris.
somedays we just want to
stay in all day and read books
in our jammies.

and speaking of books..
i'm just finishing up 
by Dr. David Perlmutter.
first of all i am
proud to say that today
i am 21 days off carbs/sugar.
i lost 7 pounds
but more importantly 
i feel terrific.

i bought the book
after i was about two weeks into
my carb restriction
and this book has 
changed my life.

i was a total carboholic.
pasta and mashed potatoes
were comfort food for me.
croissants with my coffee..
walking home from the market 
with a baguette or two under my arm..
and pizza.
oh how we love our pizza.

let me also say that going off
carbs in paris is 
NOT easy!

(the sun!)

i can't say that i'll never eat pasta/bread/pizza
but i will say that it won't be a part
of my daily diet.

now the real work begins..
converting my husband 
and kids.
i've been texting steve quotes
from the book..

i believe in the saying that
it takes 21 days to start/stop a habit..
but i'll tell you that it took
only 3 days to get the carb cravings
out of my system.
i feel great!

i love this building on avenue rapp.
we always stop to admire it on
our way home from the library.

still a bit obsessed with


  1. Good for you Pam!
    I love me some carbs too, and it is hard not to eat carbs with a veg diet, but I try to eat healthy wheat free carbs like quinoa, brown rice and brown rice pasta.
    It's always nice to give your body a break from bad stuff.
    How you are doing it in France?...........bravo to you!

  2. But it's winter and that's ALL I want to eat! I know when I've cut out sugar/white flour I've felt SO much better. I'm going to read it Pam, for some much needed motivation!

  3. Pam, how did you take that first step? What gave you the motivation? I really need to do this. I've felt bloated and sluggish all winter. Did you go cold turkey for both carbs and sugar, or did you ease into it? Did you have horrible headaches?

  4. Oh dear... The thought of giving up carbs makes me crave carbs ( said after finishing a not so small serving of peach cobbler) I'm intrigued though especially since I know you are a former carb lover too. I'm going to check the book out. Maybe it's time for a change.

  5. Good for you Pam,

    I love carbs and sugar and do not eat any meat, chicken or fish so this would be incredibly difficult for me. I will have to check out the book though. I have the cookbook Plenty and I love it, it is beautiful and there are so many great recipes.

    Have a great weekend,Elizabeth