Monday, February 17, 2014

An Afternoon in Montmarte

oh montmarte..
how i need to get up
to see you more.
steve and i took the two 
little boys to montmarte
for the afternoon.
i love that i am a tourist..
but i live here!

it was a beautiful sunny day
here..and almost 50.
we walked some of the hilly,
windy streets and then stopped
at a cafe. we sat outside
and enjoyed the view.
a perfect sunday i think.
here are some pictures 
from montmarte

lovely shops..
inside and out.

can you see the dome of
les invalides?

view from our cafe seat

griff didn't want his picture

eiffel tower gummy bears

tights, wool shorts,
a little fur..
this petite fille
has got it.

stylish french woman
ordering her poulet.

a great day in 


  1. Pam- Love your pictures of this area. I have only been there in the summer and it is always so crowded that you are really unable to take in its full beauty. I love how the Parisiens sit outside even in the chilly weather. Hoping to get to Paris this summer for 2 nights this summer between London and heading down to the Italian and French Riviera.

  2. this is good stuff.
    i know that you & the kids get out & explore,
    but with steve along, it looks like a mini vacation.
    i want that little fiat!
    i think dawn needs to get her hands on some gummy eiffel towers for paris-themed parties ♥

  3. Enchanting...all of it! Does the Moulin Rouge still run? How refreshing to see stylish women out shopping for food. It's a looooong way from Walmart! Just

  4. I enjoy seeing your pictures...of the city I love. That first photo of the little shop is darling..Janey

  5. You capture your days so well Pam. Great photos and stories, as usual.

  6. Pam! I gave you a little shout on my blog today! I apologize for not asking first...I had to go with your immediate inspiration!
    Have a wonderful weekend!