Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Beautiful Day in Paris

I can't believe we've only
been in this apartment two 
weeks tomorrow.
It feels as if we've 
always lived here.

Griffin and I walked
to the WHSmith bookstore
(yes, we can walk there now!)
It's situated right across the 
street from one of my
favorite places to walk...
Jardin de Tuileries.
I was kicking myself for
not bringing my good camera.
The fall foliage and 
warm lighting were 

iphone photos it is.
Better than nothing 
I guess.

We sat outside with our
new books for 
some tea and a snack.

(Loving Mimi's new

Steve flies home from 
Boston tomorrow..
Looking forward to 
a fun weekend!

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

We're In!

My new view!
I LOOOOVE our new 
I can't believe how
quickly our family has
begun to feel at home here.

The apartment is furnished..
It's comfortable and livable 
and if I were to ever own an 
apartment here in Paris...
well, I think I'd want this one!

The location!
We knew we wanted to stay
in the 7th.
But..I also knew I wanted to
get a little further deeper into it.

And as far as missing the tower...
we still get to see her watching over us.
And I admit..
it's a nice change to see her from
this perspective.

This past week has been busy.
Moving in..
(we had much more stuff 
than I thought)...
and making this place a home.

The kitchen is always the 
first to set up when we move.
I have mouths to feed!
And this kitchen..
not only so very well equipped..
but sleek and functional
and now that I've added my own
it feels like home.
I'm excited to get cooking again!
My new outdoor market on 
Raspail certainly did not disappoint
on Sunday either!
I'm hoping to someday catch a glimpse
of Ina.

the infamous farmers table.
By the way..
Catie, I think yes,
I do need to name her.
She has such a story!
I bought her a year ago..
sight unseen from a dealer in 
Two friends had seen it
(Frenchlarkspur and Cat from Sunday Brocantes)
and sent pictures.
I bought it immediately after hearing 
the details.
Cat graciously stored the table for a month
in her farmhouse in Normandy.
Her husband later delivered it to a 
colleague of Steve's that 
graciously offered to house it 
at their house in the suburbs until 
we moved.
Well, when we moved 
last year...we moved into a 
small furnished apartment and could not
use it.
Long story longer...
it was delivered yesterday.
After a year of owning it..
we finally meet and I love her!

(the delivery :)

Griffy the ghost.
He had a Halloween party
at his school last Friday.
(the kids are all on
holiday this week.)
He's with his little buddy and 
two of his teachers.
He is loving  his school!