Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Beautiful Day in Paris

I can't believe we've only
been in this apartment two 
weeks tomorrow.
It feels as if we've 
always lived here.

Griffin and I walked
to the WHSmith bookstore
(yes, we can walk there now!)
It's situated right across the 
street from one of my
favorite places to walk...
Jardin de Tuileries.
I was kicking myself for
not bringing my good camera.
The fall foliage and 
warm lighting were 

iphone photos it is.
Better than nothing 
I guess.

We sat outside with our
new books for 
some tea and a snack.

(Loving Mimi's new

Steve flies home from 
Boston tomorrow..
Looking forward to 
a fun weekend!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Hello your blog vicariously in Paris thru you. That WH Smith is one of my favourite places to stop in for a look at all the english mags when I'm there.

    Also follow you on instagram (not a stalker, ha) always post such lovely photos.....take care.

  2. Hi Pam, So glad you found such a perfect nest for you and your family. A trip to the bookstore, some time in the Tuileries - sounds like the perfect afternoon. I've been craving fall in Paris and spent a few hours yesterday painting the autumn colors in the Jardin du Luxembourg - wish it could have been en plein air instead of from photos and memories. Hope you are enjoying every minute! XOXO