Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weaning, Lemon Chicken and Fake Tans

What a week. Draining in every possible way. I hit a wall a few days ago and decided to start the whole weaning process with Griff. He's 21 months..I feel like I've done my job and 99% of me is ready to be done with it.  I don't know what is harder...nursing a toddler on demand or weaning that toddler. So..I've been shoving food in his face every minute I can. And when I'm not doing that and he's trying to nurse I'm spending my days redirecting...and let me tell you, it's not easy on this 43 yr old body to sit on the floor and play trains. Seriously..when did it start to hurt to sit Indian style?

I hate tv. Griffy watches it when I take a shower or when I'm making dinner..generally it's Barney or Calliou. And I'm sorry..but I think Calliou is a BRAT! The kid is constantly whining about something!

Can I tell you how thankful I am that we're in the 1-2" of rain section of this map? 

We're going away in a few weeks. This body hasn't seen the sun in a LONG time. Hoping this stuff will help me not look so ghost like as I prepare to bare my arms and legs for the first time in too many months.

That looks like an easy way to drink your milk Griff. 

Another fab recipe from Ina's book. Lemon chicken...easy and delicious. Big hit with the family. 

And I'll leave you with this. 
I should say I'm a bit obsessed with taking pregnancy tests.  Like border line crazy. I throw these things in the grocery cart like I'm throwing in a loaf of bread. So, I had it in my crazy head that I was pregnant this week. I got myself all wound up. Started talking about names with Steve...looking at Gap Maternity's cute summer stuff...stalking blogs with new babies or pregnant moms. You know..all normal stuff.  One day I took two tests. Not right in a row..c'mon. I'm not THAT bad. I waited a few hours in between.  I'd stare at that ONE line wishing it were two. I'd throw it in the trash..then an hour later go back up and dig it out of the trash...just to make sure. 
What is wrong with me? 
Besides the obvious. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

I Love Ina

So I've started to cook my way through Ina's new I made the pear and apple sauce. SO Good!  
Ina never disappoints.  This would be so yummy over vanilla ice cream or with pork. 

I REALLY want to start composting. Steve is REALLY afraid we'll have more varmints running around   the house.  It just kills me to throw food in the trash. 

Don't you love my new potholders from Anthropologie? Birthday gift! Thanks Roxie! I love presents.

My mom gave me this apron from Anthropologie...I may have mentioned that I love that store and want everything in it. Thanks mom! 

I also made this salad today from Ina's book...lunch for Steve and I all week. It would also be great with grilled chicken/fish for dinner. 

Steve gave Griffin his first haircut last night. He didn't want it to end. 

Hannah's family French. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Simple Weekending

No extended families
No birthdays/holidays
No sports/events
Just Simple
Stephen's first drive over sand
Beautiful Piping Plovers
Family Movie night
Grocery Shopping
Playing Catch
Sunny and COLD
Hannah and I Spring Shopping
Steve and boys visiting Mom
No Mouse catching

Friday, March 25, 2011

Today I'm Loving...

My rainbow of Barefoot books. My mom gave me Ina's newest cookbook..How easy is that? Some people cook their way through Julia's books..I cook my way through Ina's. I would love to meet her someday..give her a great big 'ol hug. Love that Ina.

First of all I just love her name..Sara Happ..I think I might just add the y at the end though..wouldn't you? My sister gave me this for my birthday. It's the best thing that has happened to my lips since Steve's lips! :) Try it. It's like a really good smelling massage for your lips. They deserve it after such a long cold winter...that's STILL NOT OVER.

Remember this post? Well, thank you all for clueing me in...they are glass flower frogs.  I have found a new use for them since none of them seem to fit in my beauty utensils!! I think I saw it in Country Living magazine and jumped right out of my seat. 

My handpainted sea stones from my dear friend Sandi. Griffy and I went down to the Cape to visit her earlier this week and she gifted these to me..along with many other lovely things! She has the sweetest home. It has a name..Bluebird Cottage. I want my home to have a name. It would probably be something like "Chaotic Cottage"..although it's not a cottage at all. Anyway, I love homes that have names. And I love Sandi..and her 84 year old mom that came to visit also...after her Zumba class. WOW! I hope I'm doing Zumba at 84. I'm not even doing it at 43.

Cubano Sandwiches. I'm going to post the recipe on my cooking blog. We made them with the leftovers from the maple crusted pork tenderloin.  My family is begging for this dinner again!

Brotherly love. 

Happy Weekending!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Killing Mice is Bad Karma

Obviously we have a mouse problem. Hannah went to shower this morning and I hear a scream from upstairs....

...we had set 4 mouse traps last night. I was up half the night waiting to hear "snap snap snap"..didn't hear one. No, they're all upstairs having a party in the kids bathroom. 

Steve doesn't believe in the snap traps. He thinks it's bad karma to kill the mice. So after Hannah sent this video to him this morning he told her he was getting rid of the snap traps and buying the have a heart traps. 

Once when we lived in NH we had a mouse that Steve trapped. The next morning he put it in the trunk of his car and drove it the 60 miles to his work and let it out in the parking lot of a Chinese food restaurant. 

I guess I'm going to have to get a back bone and deal with this myself. Bad karma or not..I want them OUT. 

*Not sure why this video posted twice. 

I have no idea why it's not working..I'm a complete bonehead and can't even delete them. :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday Weekending

Family Dinners
Cousin Sleepovers
Super Moons
Steve's Pizza
Thankful for 
First day of Spring

Friday, March 18, 2011

Right Now I'm...

feeling: warm! 67 degrees today!

reading: my new cookbook

redecorating: my mantel. I think I need more candles in there...and more dried hydrangeas.  Look at that sun shining!!

cooking: dinner last night...maple crusted roast pork tenderloin with apples, sweet potatoes and roasted veggies...leftovers tonight- cubano sandwiches. I'm all about cook once, eat twice. 

wearing: spring clothes! But I know not to put away the winter coat yet. (the only full length mirror is in Stephen's room :)

watching: this video from my all time favorite decorator..Tracy Porter. I know I've mentioned her before.  
Tracy inspires me in decorating, fashion, cooking, entertaining..and today she is having a giveaway of all  her books. I have a few of her books and she's told us she is coming out with another one!  She recently moved her business and family from Wisconsin to Santa Barbara...I can't bare the thought of her not in that house anymore! You can go back and look at her old videos and see what I mean. Love that Tracy!

Looking forward to a fun weekend! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today Around the House

decorating: for St. Paddy's day. My kids think I'm weird.

cooking: baking chicken for tonights quesadillas and kids lunches tomorrow.

      reading:  this

My friend  Catie told me about this. You don't have to subscribe to read it...just click on the image. You will be blown away. 

feeling: tired and blue today.  Is it because of ...

the snowed yesterday. I love where I live but PLEASE! I'm done with winter.

the news: images of Japan and what these poor people are going through right now. And also hearing about 2 different people in one week who died of a wife/mother with 2 young children..38 yrs. old...the other a husband/father with 2 young children..also in his 30's. 

a still nursing 21 month old...there. I said it. It's out there. YES! He's STILL nursing. And it's funny because I have some friends who will say "Wow! that's so great! good for you!" and other friends that will say.."WHAT! What are you doing STILL nursing that child!"...and when I hear both sides, that's what I feel. 

something/someone missing from my life?...I have a very full life. I'm not sure why I'm feeling this way. 

So..I have a birthday coming up. And you know what I want? 24 hours alone. I want to lock myself in a hotel room for one whole day. Sleep, read, eat. Not cook, clean, or care for anyone.  I need to recharge the battery.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Weekending at Home 
Using last weeks NY photos :)
Steve home from a week in Amsterdam
Lots of laundry
Making cupcakes
Playing outside!
Steve's Pizza
Totally screwed up by the one hour time change
Visiting family
Grocery shopping
2 bags down out of 40
Painting the basement
Getting out the Easter decorations
New Shoes
Willy Wonka
Griffy says Please and Thank You
Sleeping in and coffee in bed 
Out to dinner
Sleepovers= cranky kids

View from our hotel room

Front row seats at Phantom!

 A lot of walking=tired kids

Bad picture...these people slept outside all night for tickets to see Miley Cirus on SNL. 

Next time we need to skate!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

10 on 10..My Version

7:30...cranky. Wants to be held while I make breakfast and lunches for the kids. Notice the Birthday sign still up 3 days later. breakfast and plugging it into my new App..LoseIt!

9:30....Griffy is finally ready to sit and eat his breakfast along with Barney. 

10:30...out. This is early for his nap but he was up way too much last night.  

11:30...while Griffy still sleeps I finish my stock from last nights roast chicken. 

12:30...Griffy is waking up..but I was able to make out my list and get organized for 40 bags in 40 days...following Sarah ! 

1:30...emptied my dishwasher. I'm trying so hard to only run it once a day after my HUGE oil bill. 

2:30...Griffy and I went out for some fresh air and greeted Will coming home from school. 

3:30...making Kale soup for dinner. 

4:30...downstairs on the treadmill for a half hour. Hannah watches Griffy for me. :) 

5:30...driving Hannah to ballet. 

That's my day. 10 photos for 10 hours on the 10th.