Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I LoVermont

Our trip to Vermont over school vacation was awesome. Steve's sister Nancy and her husband Ed and their daughter Leila graciously put our family of 6 up for a few days! Staying with them is better than staying at a hotel. I've mentioned before that they own Stowe Seafood. We eat like crazy good there. Ed's lobster salad is the best I've ever eaten. Seriously. And I've had a lot of lobster salad in my life.  He shucks oysters for us..sometimes he even gets Duxbury oysters which we're pretty proud of. I think I ate my weight in shrimp also.  He also carries chicken and meat for all those non-seafood eaters which include my husband. Hello? How do you grow up on Cape Cod and not eat seafood? Ah well, the more for me I say. And not only does Ed come home with dinner for us at night but brings the best wine and champagne.  Did I say better than a hotel?
Now let's talk about the accommodations. You know when you've been away and it's so good to come home to your own bed? Not true here. They have the most comfortable beds and I miss them already. I haven't slept as well anywhere..even in my own bed. There is also every toy imaginable for little Griffy to play with..a hot tub that the older kids could not get enough of..(you must wear a crazy hat when you are in's a requirement)..snowshoes and sleds for everyone. 
Vermont is probably one of my favorite places. I'm secretly crossing my fingers that one of my kids go to college in Vermont so we can visit more. I told Ed/Nancy that it was my mission to come up once every season..if they can put up with us. We went last fall and I'm hoping we can get up there again this Spring and Summer. 
Thank you again Ed/Nancy/Leila!!! xoxo

Some views from Nancy's sink...Will coming home after a day of sledding/snowshoeing. 

I think Stephen is enjoying being taller than Steve now. Steve..not so much.

That is a lot of snow! 

Nancy collects the coolest art. This was done by a local artist friend of theirs. It hangs in their kitchen and I love it. Nancy said it reminds her of a pregnant woman's belly. 

This one was done of Steve and I dancing on their table...ok, I'm kidding. I do love this one though. She has so many interesting pieces of art..I wish I took more pictures of them. 

This is a coffe pot. Nancy made coffee for me in the morning it in and I swear it was the best tasting coffee I've ever had. I won't's a process making it but isn't anything good worth a little more effort? I want one now. And don't you love her coffee mug. She collects this pottery and I love it. Made in Ireland and I want some too!! 

This is the view I woke up to every morning. 

'til the Spring!!! 

We are so blessed that our families live in great places and we can visit! Dad you're next. :)


  1. That last shot is my favorite. LOVE it.
    I wanna go . . .

  2. Vermont really IS one of the prettiest places on earth! Great photos!! and ps, I love the new March header, too ;-)

  3. you are lucky - can they adopt me?

  4. Wow, Vermont really is beautiful! Hope to get there someday. I love the barn photo...looks so peaceful and quiet in the middle of all that snow. My mom collects that pottery too. Love it.
    Have a happy day

  5. How fun! Jesse used to make our coffee like that but he kept breaking it. After purchase number three broke we gave up,lol. But it is fabulous coffee!!

  6. vermont is where i have always wanted to live.
    someday, someday, someday i will be there.
    hearing about your "accommodations" lulled me into a drowsy stupor.
    comfy bed, wonderful coffee, lobster salad...
    you're killing me ♥

  7. I'm w/ kill me!
    And KILLER heading.
    Would you come to TX and re-do mine?

  8. I have never been to Vermont, but have always wanted to visit---especially in the fall. Your pictures show it to be beautiful in the winter! Glad you were able to visit family and create these memories!
    P.S. I love Nancy's pottery too!

  9. What a getaway that looks like! The "far away" picture with the winding road, trees, and telephone poles is breathtaking! Amazing and it makes me want to go! Thanks for sharing, tara

  10. Love Stowe!
    I have had the priviledge of skiing there a several times and have also stayed at Topnotch at Stowe a few times as well. One of my favorite things to do there (besides skiing) is go to the Little River Hotglass Studio. I could sit there and watch them blow glass for hours. I love the friendship balls they make ~ I have given many as gifts.
    So glad you have family there and can slip away for a nice visit.
    ~ Andrea in NH

    PS ~ (and this could fall under the T-M-I category) but you know that familiar stamp on some things that says "Made in Vermont"? son should get a tatoo that says that ;)

  11. I got to say that I LOVE your new header!

    I wish we could stay with Nancy and Ed :) I want to sleep in those beds! I've never been to Vermont, but it looks dreamy! Honestly, I don't know if I would know how to live in that kind of cold. I'd be afraid to drive! Someday it would be nice to try it. The east coast has always intrigued me. So beautiful with so much history.

    Great pictures!

  12. I am SO done with the snow.... but maybe it's because there isn't enough of it like in Vermont so that we can have a blast playing in it. ;-) Snow is so peaceful and serene. Your daughters cute yellow skirt and those red boots are awesome!!!!!! Your old jean jacket adds just a touch of "super cute" to the outfit I must say.

    I love all the flowers you picked out at Trader Joe's. there is nothing to cheer up a house and yourself than some fresh cut flowers. In fact, just yesterday I was walking around outside for signs of life and behold, my tulips are peaking up through the ground and my iris are on its way. YAY! Happy Thursday to you!

  13. Our big ski trip a few years ago was to Colorado...mostly we go in the NC mountains...but I recently saw Stowe on a top ten ski resort list. I looked it up then and I loved the feel of it. Now I am gonna have to check it out again. Maybe next year for sure!
    Beautiful shots and such a cute family you have!

  14. I grew up in VT and my folks are still there. It's a whole other world...even from MA.