Monday, March 28, 2011

I Love Ina

So I've started to cook my way through Ina's new I made the pear and apple sauce. SO Good!  
Ina never disappoints.  This would be so yummy over vanilla ice cream or with pork. 

I REALLY want to start composting. Steve is REALLY afraid we'll have more varmints running around   the house.  It just kills me to throw food in the trash. 

Don't you love my new potholders from Anthropologie? Birthday gift! Thanks Roxie! I love presents.

My mom gave me this apron from Anthropologie...I may have mentioned that I love that store and want everything in it. Thanks mom! 

I also made this salad today from Ina's book...lunch for Steve and I all week. It would also be great with grilled chicken/fish for dinner. 

Steve gave Griffin his first haircut last night. He didn't want it to end. 

Hannah's family French. 


  1. Because we are on a septic and can't just garbage dispose everything ... I'd love to compost everything too. But my husband says the same. Might attract way too many critters.

    Love the first haircut. So hard yet so sweet, isn't it?

  2. i made the mussels and the herb salmon from her new cookbook. we loved it!!!!! her food is so good and really pretty easy. especially for someone like me who doesn't love to cook.

  3. Pam,
    I've been composting for 2 months now. It will not draw critters if you get the right enclosed kind of bin, and if you do it right. MIne does not smell at all, and the animals can't get in it! My two dogs do not even notice it and never smell at it. Read up and get informed and go for it! Can you believe it.......I don't own any Ina cookbooks and I love her too!

  4. Man, did I ever miss A LOT around here! First and foremost - happy belated birthday ;-) ... let's see what else struck me? the photo you took of your reflection on top of Empire State Bldg - love! I also love me some ina ... i have the pink, yellow, and blue books - yum! tracy porter - big big fan! Didn't know she had moved ... whoa. that's big news. Love your "spring clothes" outfit in pic you took in the mirror - that coat is to die for! still wishing I could figure out how to take a picture like that, mine are always blurry and cut off! The mouse issue? we have it too, it's awful - we've always done the no-kill traps, freaky at first but not nearly as freaky as a half-dead mangled mouse - my advice? use peanut butter. And the cook once/eat twice recipes? Genius! I can't wait to make that sandwich!

    how's that for a random commentary?! good to be back ;-)

  5. I don't even know who Ina is, but i'll be finding out! That salad looks yummy!

    The pictures of Griffin's first hair cut are so cute. It looks like a whole family it should be :))

  6. You are my idol--four kids and a chef. I WISH I was like that. Maybe this summer? ...

  7. We compost..... grass clippings and any food we have. I haven't really noticed any varmints, but Steve is really good about mixing it around with the grass clippings.

  8. I REALLY need to get my composting bin...I have the small little one on my counter, and I use it all the time...I take it out to my yard waste bin...I should be adding it to my own bin...must do!

    Look at big boy Griffy!
    Both the Ina recipes look great..must get that cookbook!
    Love your new potholders and apron...LOVE Anthro!!

  9. I just looked up that salad recipe online..... looks divine! Since I grow all those herbs and all those veggies, I'll be making it this summer a bunch!

  10. We have a composting bin (it came free with the composting class at our local ag school extension classes) and while critters are constantly chewing in to our trash, they do not bother with the compost. I have NO idea why. I also find I am a failed composter. I didn't think that letting food rot would be challenging but for me, apparently it is. Not enough "browns" or something. Anyway. I've had issues with composting but critters is not one of them!

  11. I love Ina. Never tasted anything from her that wasn't wonderful...especially her coconut cupcakes!
    I want to see Griffin's haircut! You never showed us the finished project.
    love you!

  12. Te salad does look great...and I love homemade apple anything!
    My favorite is everyone stuffed in the bathroom watching the sweet!

  13. I really need to get out of the same old rut with dinner meals and I ALWAYS struggle with lunch- one of my least favorite meals to fix! I think I'll start cooking my way though one of my cookbooks even if I'm not sure about certain dishes. I really need to step out of my box...

  14. Found you over at Tracy Porter's blog. What a lovely blog you have over here. I'm gonna swim around here for more! You inspired me to really start utilizing all my old cookbooks. Grabbing one off the shelf to dig through now:)

  15. That salad looks almost as yummy as the new potholders and apron. Great gifts. Lucky girl! :)

    Hey..did I miss a birthday? Happy Birthday!!!