Friday, March 25, 2011

Today I'm Loving...

My rainbow of Barefoot books. My mom gave me Ina's newest cookbook..How easy is that? Some people cook their way through Julia's books..I cook my way through Ina's. I would love to meet her someday..give her a great big 'ol hug. Love that Ina.

First of all I just love her name..Sara Happ..I think I might just add the y at the end though..wouldn't you? My sister gave me this for my birthday. It's the best thing that has happened to my lips since Steve's lips! :) Try it. It's like a really good smelling massage for your lips. They deserve it after such a long cold winter...that's STILL NOT OVER.

Remember this post? Well, thank you all for clueing me in...they are glass flower frogs.  I have found a new use for them since none of them seem to fit in my beauty utensils!! I think I saw it in Country Living magazine and jumped right out of my seat. 

My handpainted sea stones from my dear friend Sandi. Griffy and I went down to the Cape to visit her earlier this week and she gifted these to me..along with many other lovely things! She has the sweetest home. It has a name..Bluebird Cottage. I want my home to have a name. It would probably be something like "Chaotic Cottage"..although it's not a cottage at all. Anyway, I love homes that have names. And I love Sandi..and her 84 year old mom that came to visit also...after her Zumba class. WOW! I hope I'm doing Zumba at 84. I'm not even doing it at 43.

Cubano Sandwiches. I'm going to post the recipe on my cooking blog. We made them with the leftovers from the maple crusted pork tenderloin.  My family is begging for this dinner again!

Brotherly love. 

Happy Weekending!


  1. OMG that last picture is the best!

    I'll definitely be trying the lip scrub. My lips always feel so dry. I have to have something on them constantly!

    And YES, we've been trying for 3 months, but so far nothing! I think I'm too old. However, we're also looking into foster adopt. We've been through 2 classes already. I think we'll end up increasing our family one way or the other.

  2. Pam, do so love the boys with the Indian Jones books :)

  3. Those rocks totally rock! And that lip scrub sounds great. I'll have to check it out.

    That last photo is adorable! There's nothing like siblings reading together to melt your heart.

  4. Griffy has always just had the best baby legs ever hasn't he? I remember seeing the rolls when he was a baby in your pictures.

  5. Finally took all my jackets off my cookbooks...I had done my bookshelf, but was holding out on the cookbooks...going to do a post on it!

    The lip scrub looks wonderful...must try, and I love how you are using your flower frogs...great idea!

    I have a couple stones from Sandi, and I love them!
    I will put your roast and cubano sandwiches on my menu next week for sure!...and really, the pic of the boys, is the sweetest ever!!

  6. Pam...
    I love each of these photos (although the last one of the boys reading together on the couch just makes me SMILE the biggest smile!) :)
    ....and I love the way you have gathered your sea stones on this pretty dish...I'm so happy that you love them....It was SO good to have you and Griffy here with me at Bluebird Cottage. I look forward to our next visit. :) love, xoxox Sandi