Sunday, March 6, 2011

NYC Weekending

Stephen's 16th Bday weekend
Empire State building
Phantom of the Opera
Del Frisco's
Ground Zero
Walking, Walking and more Walking
Lester Holt
Ferris Wheels
Keep Your Hand at the Level of your Eyes
Planet Hollywood
Long Car Rides
60 degrees!
Hotel in Time Square
It's Good to be 16


  1. I can't believe he is 16. Wowsers!!!!

  2. So fun! What a great way to spend his 16th!!

  3. Wow, that's a 16th he'll never forget.
    Never been to NYC, maybe someday.
    Have a happy day

  4. Holy cow! Talk about a 16 b-day to remember. I just had a few friends over for the evening.... lol. Hope you guys enjoyed!!

  5. happy 16th to stephen. sounds like it will be a weekend he won't forget.
    i am headed to meet my nieces at a restaurant in portsmouth today...right beside the Dolphin Striker!
    will be thinking of you.
    we made a wise choice not to eat at the "intimacy" table, i think!!

  6. sounds like a great b'day weekend to me! love what you wore on show night - very pretty!

  7. So memorable!!! What a fantastic weekend! So happy the weather was nice too! xoxoxo

  8. 16? Life is about to get interesting for you, my friend. And he looks so handsome next to his gorgeous mom! Love the skirt and belt.
    Heidi and I saw Phantom at that theatre two years ago. I was newly pregnant with Evie. It seems like yesterday. . . .
    Hope it was a fabulous weekend.

  9. Happy sweet 16!!! So much fun!
    You guys are so cute!!!

  10. What a fun weekend. I love NYC! Happy birthday to your "baby" boy. Mine will be 3 in a few weeks, and I am sure I will blink and he will be 16. I know how tender that can make a mama's heart! :)