Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Killing Mice is Bad Karma

Obviously we have a mouse problem. Hannah went to shower this morning and I hear a scream from upstairs....

...we had set 4 mouse traps last night. I was up half the night waiting to hear "snap snap snap"..didn't hear one. No, they're all upstairs having a party in the kids bathroom. 

Steve doesn't believe in the snap traps. He thinks it's bad karma to kill the mice. So after Hannah sent this video to him this morning he told her he was getting rid of the snap traps and buying the have a heart traps. 

Once when we lived in NH we had a mouse that Steve trapped. The next morning he put it in the trunk of his car and drove it the 60 miles to his work and let it out in the parking lot of a Chinese food restaurant. 

I guess I'm going to have to get a back bone and deal with this myself. Bad karma or not..I want them OUT. 

*Not sure why this video posted twice. 

I have no idea why it's not working..I'm a complete bonehead and can't even delete them. :)


  1. I have goose bumps just thinking about having to get a mouse out of the bath tub - good luck with that! It looks more like a little sea urchin than a mouse and it is a baby, but still...it's a mouse and it's alive and it's in your bath tub!

  2. Hilarious Pam. I'm with Hannah (and Steve)...poor little wet shaking mouse. But that little cute mouse would be in mouse heaven in a second if Jeff had anything to do with it.

  3. I'd be on the phone to Orkin within minutes! Eewww! LOL!

  4. I do not like mice. that is why JP Chemical comes every 3 months to our house....if I found one in the shower I would have a heart attack!

  5. Your daughter is adorable!!! As sweet as that video was I'd have to have it out one way or another, the quicker the better! Good luck with it. Have a great, mouse free day, tara

  6. Oh my gosh your daughter is so sweet with the little shaking mouse!! Hope you find a good solution.

  7. Yikes!
    Never seen a mouse around here...but we have those pesky little sugar ants in our kitchen at times. We just squoosh em and keep on going.
    So funny that Steve thought the mouse would enjoy the Chinese food...cracking up. Good luck!

  8. Pam, I do adore Hannah! And I'm with her and Steve on the traps. You don't want bad Karma do you? :) My husband won't even kill bugs. He takes them all outside and releases them. He's serious about his karma!!
    xoxo Gretchen

  9. I've tried two different computers and I can't get the video to work?
    I grew up in rural Idaho. I used to lie in bed and hear mice running in the walls.
    I have no soft place in my heart for mice.

  10. No soft spot here either Pam! They are cute...as long as they're not in my house!! I'm all for mouse heaven:) A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

  11. I couldn't get my videos to load right today either ,Pam. And YUK! We had mice in our (attached) garage a few years back. At first I was all "let's just be nice" so Jesse put one in a bucket and took it far away to the woods. A good friend said "you can never just have one mouse". Um, yep, she was right. By the end of it we had killed probably 60 mice in our garage. I can still hear the squeals in my head. They hung from the walls of our garage, our shelves, the stairs. The cat did nothing. The dog was scared. I'm SO terrified it will happen again. We got one of those ultra sonic sound thingies and it hasn't happened since then. And get Stephen to be tough. Brandon was my go to guy and now Owen is, lol.

  12. Now I know why you headed to the Cape today!!!!
    He looks like a little hedgehog...all spikey and wet...ewwww...I love Hannah's sweet voice talking to him in the video..."have a heart" trap, I laughed out loud, I never knew there was such a thing...hoping someone in that house "got a backbone"!! xoxo

  13. This was hilarious!
    I am an animal lover, but I must admit, a mouse is too close for comfort!

  14. too funny (i can say that only because they are at your house and not mine!).
    the mouse looks like he has a spike hairdo...very funny looking.
    good luck getting them buggers....any way you can!

  15. I grew up in 'the country' and we had mice all the time. We had little cage traps and we would drive the mice down the road a piece and let them out. I think they found their way back every time. ;)

    Good luck getting rid of yours.

  16. the mice looks really different from mice in my place