Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Flowers and The Price of Oil

I love Trader Joes. Seriously, how do you beat $1.49 for daffodils? And $4.99 tulips, iris', and hydrangeas...

I really try to buy local for a lot of things..but knowing these came over from lovely Ireland just makes me smile. I've never been to Ireland but it's high on my list let me tell you. 

Yes it's still too cold for Hannah's new yellow dress from mini- Boden but we had to have a fashion show. 

I think it looks cute with her red boots and my VERY old jean jacket. It's older than she is. I just can't seem to part with it. Rips and patches and all. 

I certainly wasn't jumping for joy when I got my oil bill today. Crap.

Seriously, that just isn't right. 


  1. I am with you...love Trader Joe's flowers and pretty much everything else!!
    Your oil bill stinks...I hate bills like that.

  2. just got back from TJ with tulips as well. shocked to see they were only 4.99....just saw them whole foods for 7.99!

    hannah looks really cute!

    oil prices suck...we are in the same boat at you!

  3. Do you heat with oil? Wow. That's very foreign to me. We have hydro power. Here in the desert. Yep. That's right. That's weird too. When you think about it.

  4. Your post today makes me want to redo my whole house for spring. How I love all of the yellow and green... delightful! Thanks for sharing. Your daughter is adorable! I've got to get to Trader Joes for some spring flowers; thanks for the tip! Have a great night, tara

  5. Love her dress and her red wellies! So cute and so fun together.

    And, yes. I hit up TJ's for the flowers too. Have a bunch of sunflowers this week from them.

    I was sick all weekend and filled up my car today. I was SHOCKED at the price of gas. I thought I must have been out for a year rather than just 3 days. I'm so scared of the $4/gallon gas prices we had a couple of years ago.

  6. Loving the dress and the boots. Oh so springy!!
    Your header looks great and REALLY has me in the mood for cool crisp weather.
    Awesome deal on those beautiful flowers. I SO wish we had a Trader Joe's!!
    Have a happy night

  7. oh I MUST get to TJ's...the daffs at the grocery store were all wide open and too much $$...LOVE your new header..and LOVE Hannah's new outfit!! xoxo

  8. LOVE the flowers at TJ's!! And I love your new header :) My computer got fried when our power went out yesterday so I can't do my new header. It's driving me crazy, lol.

  9. And I love the dress :) And our electric/gas bill was outrageous this month :(

  10. Things are looking quite springy over here :) I love the flowers. Yes...wehave spent over three thousand dollars on oil this winter. Yikes. Ask about the budget plan....

  11. You make me wish spring were coming so much sooner :)

  12. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new banner! Oh and that Hannah, she is just a doll!

  13. Love your new header...Hannah is so cute!
    I have never been to a Trader Joe's or seen one around here. :(
    Our previous home had oil heat...I'm so thankful that we don't have it in our home now...we would be in the poor house for sure!

  14. pretty flowers and I love the pretty dress on your daughter, too, but wow does that oil bill ever sting, ouch!

  15. SO wish we had Trader Joe's!!!!
    Love Hannah's fashionista-self! (Cutest wellies!)
    That bill would send me under...

  16. oh and YIKES on that bill....we would probably not have heat :)