Friday, March 18, 2011

Right Now I'm...

feeling: warm! 67 degrees today!

reading: my new cookbook

redecorating: my mantel. I think I need more candles in there...and more dried hydrangeas.  Look at that sun shining!!

cooking: dinner last night...maple crusted roast pork tenderloin with apples, sweet potatoes and roasted veggies...leftovers tonight- cubano sandwiches. I'm all about cook once, eat twice. 

wearing: spring clothes! But I know not to put away the winter coat yet. (the only full length mirror is in Stephen's room :)

watching: this video from my all time favorite decorator..Tracy Porter. I know I've mentioned her before.  
Tracy inspires me in decorating, fashion, cooking, entertaining..and today she is having a giveaway of all  her books. I have a few of her books and she's told us she is coming out with another one!  She recently moved her business and family from Wisconsin to Santa Barbara...I can't bare the thought of her not in that house anymore! You can go back and look at her old videos and see what I mean. Love that Tracy!

Looking forward to a fun weekend! 


  1. Oh wow! That coat and flats are super cute!!!! I'm grabbing my girl and we're going shopping today!!!

  2. Love your coat...absolutely adorable! I tried a bright orange one on at Marshall's two weeks screamed Spring. I think I need to go back and get it. :) Love the feel of your mantle. Could you add some clay pots upside down, and put the pillar candles on them? I wish I had a fireplace to my woodstove, but it is kind of boring to decorate. ;) I need to find that cookbook...looks great. Have a super weekend Pam!

  3. Seeing Hannah in her Hunters reminded me to tell you that I bought the berry ones yesterday and they are so stinkin' cute. I am going to order that cook book pronto!

  4. Will you come cook for me for a week? And teach me how to do it? That looks so fantastic.
    And your outfit--girl, looking good. Have a great weekend.
    And yes, more candles. How do you get Griffy to leave them alone?

  5. your outfit is a-mazing. seriously.

  6. Oh Pam, I cannot stand the thought of Tracy leaving that house and property either. Her new place is just not the same. :(
    You look adorable in your spring clothes!!!
    Yes, lots more candles!!!!! I wish you had some of these left from the wedding...I have baskets full. My neighbors are ejoying them too.

  7. HI! I enjoyed catching up over here your outfit too...and the New York pics are so much fun. You must skate next time for sure. I alos love how you decorate your light fixture for all the holidays. Your mantle looks so springy too. I have only managed to get 2 bags out of 40 also, but this week I hope to add a few more.
    Happy Weekend!

  8. Hi Pam!
    You look so hot! :) I love your style you know...that's why I'm always stealing it!!! :)
    No. Wait. I forgot..... We are calling that "inspired by" it..."! :) Dinner also looks delish - I may end up "inspired by" it too...! :)
    Love you dear! Have a fab weekend!

  9. Tracy's video brought back old memories for me too!
    Love your spring outfit, and the meal looks so good!

  10. Love your look, love the dinner too!! How about some white Birch logs in your fireplace? I think it would look cool! xoxoxo

  11. I've never seen a fireplace like that with two openings. Is one for wood storage? I'm also intrigued by your new cookbook. I've been trying to eat healthier. Any good recipes you're loving in there?

    And, how cute are you in that coat?!?! Love it!

  12. what a gorgeous outfit!! you look beautiful! love this post! hugs, cathy