Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Every Mother wonders when this happened right?

When their little boy turned into a young man over night. That's what I'm wondering right now. Stephen turned 16 yesterday. He is the oldest..the first born..the guinea pig. I made a lot of mistakes in my life..but when I had Stephen  I wanted to shout to the world.."Look what I did!" I felt like that yesterday too as we sang Happy Birthday to him. 

Stephen never asks for anything. But a few months ago he had asked if we could go see the Phantom of the Opera sometime. I knew that's what we'd do for his birthday. We would much rather give him a memory than a gift. When he turned 10 we surprised him with a trip to Florida to watch the Red Sox in spring training. He'll never forget that trip with his Dad. I don't think he'll forget this trip either. 

The only thing Stephen wanted on his birthday was the traditional Coconut Cake I make from Barefoot Contessa. (Does she bake anything without a pound of butter?)  And notice the votive candle stuck in the middle of the cake?  Forgot the birthday candles...again.

Happy Birthday Stephen. We love you! 


  1. I always forget candles too :) Happy Birthday to Stephen! Sounds like he had a blast!!

  2. happy birthday, stephen!
    {pam ~ you don't age, do you?}

  3. aaaw, happy happy birthday to your oldest - what a milestone!

  4. Happy Birthday Stephan!

  5. The cake looks awesome! The contessa must partner up with Paula Dean when it comes to cooking with butter..... and why the heck not?! Life is too short to not eat good food. Happy day to the bday boy!! He'll make some woman lucky some day.

  6. Happy Birthday, Stephen!! So glad that you got to see Phantom - an amazing 16th birthday, for sure!

  7. Oh Pam...it does happen seemingly overnight. How did Cameron get to be 25? Amazes me! Stephen is so special and I love his smile in this picture!
    Is he driving now?
    Thank God I'm not the only one who uses a votive when forgetting the bday candles! I'll have to find that picture of Cam with his bday cake...you crack me up! Love you, and Happy Birthday to Stephen! xoxoxo

  8. Happy Birthday, Stephen! And Pam, how is it that you look exactly the same 16 years later??? Seriously!!!

  9. I am starting to understand that 16 creeps up fast.

    sandy toe

  10. Happy Birthday to your sweet grown up boy!
    He seems like a wonderful young man!
    And I agree with everyone else...aging...what aging?!?!?:)
    Have a happy night