Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today Around the House

decorating: for St. Paddy's day. My kids think I'm weird.

cooking: baking chicken for tonights quesadillas and kids lunches tomorrow.

      reading:  this

My friend  Catie told me about this. You don't have to subscribe to read it...just click on the image. You will be blown away. 

feeling: tired and blue today.  Is it because of ...

the weather..it snowed yesterday. I love where I live but PLEASE! I'm done with winter.

the news: images of Japan and what these poor people are going through right now. And also hearing about 2 different people in one week who died of cancer...one a wife/mother with 2 young children..38 yrs. old...the other a husband/father with 2 young children..also in his 30's. 

a still nursing 21 month old...there. I said it. It's out there. YES! He's STILL nursing. And it's funny because I have some friends who will say "Wow! that's so great! good for you!" and other friends that will say.."WHAT! What are you doing STILL nursing that child!"...and when I hear both sides, that's what I feel. 

something/someone missing from my life?...I have a very full life. I'm not sure why I'm feeling this way. 

So..I have a birthday coming up. And you know what I want? 24 hours alone. I want to lock myself in a hotel room for one whole day. Sleep, read, eat. Not cook, clean, or care for anyone.  I need to recharge the battery.


  1. Oh sweet Pam......I've been feeling blue too lately.
    I think it is the weather for me.
    Looking foward to spring!
    You do what you need to do to be the best mom possible.
    If you want to still nurse, then go right ahead!!!!!
    You will never get the right approval.
    I stopped with one of mine at 10 months after too many bouts of mastitis, and I had people frown at me. It's no ones business what you choose to do for your family!!!!
    Hope you get your alone time friend.

  2. Oh, I hope you get to feeling less blue... maybe you could start feeling yellow, it's a nice happy color! My bday was Sunday and I wanted the same..... didn't get it though, maybe you will.

  3. I have been crying on and off for about four days now. I have NO idea why. I mean, I guess I have *some* idea, but, yeah, this weather is the pits. I hope you get your birthday wish! That sounds delightful to me!!! Although I would probably come back to a huge mess so would it be worth it??? I just don't know, lol. Congrats on 21 months of nursing. You know Katie nursed until she was 4!!! The rest were around 2.5 but Mary and Cecilia were littler at 16 months. That was the height of my thryoid issues. Clare is still going strong. Take it easy and enjoy your day :) I hope the snow melts very soon!!!

  4. Nursing 21 month old over here too!!!
    There, I said it as well!:)
    Such a battle...love it....ready to quit...love it!!....sigh.....
    Hope the sun shines tomorrow and melts all that snow!
    Have a happy day

  5. I think that you need a "reset." I have been feeling that way as well, mostly because I have been hurt and unable to run:( I am taking a step back and trying some other things to boost my mood and taking a lot of Vitamin D. I hate when people make nursing comments....it is your body and your choice. If you are ready and feel you need a break then wean him, if not then keep nursing. YOU know who you are and what you need.
    I am saying a prayer that you get your 24 hours. I had that a couple of weeks ago and it was heaven. xoxoxoxo!

  6. i think it is the weather...try to hang on for a bit longer. I hope you get your birthday wish! what a treat that would be...no one "wanting" anything for 24 whole hours! HEAVEN!
    house looks great!


  7. Well, looking at that book most certainly won't help your mood! Amazing...and sad, and confusing and I don't know what to think.
    I DO think it's the weather, and the time change...we'll all feel better with some sunlight and warmness on our faces!

  8. I think it's the weather. I've had similar feelings lately too. We all need some sunlight and Vitamin D. Hang in there my friend.

  9. Love you Pam. Hope you get your birthday wish. As for the nursing...I'm not commenting. :)

  10. Do it! (your birthday wish that is) I wanted the same thing, really I did! Didn't do it. Instead cooked dinner and made my own cake for extended family. I'm doing it next year!
    PS Breastfeed as long as you want to... I cherished every moment of the 15 months with Abigail. Never should have listened to others to stop as I did. It was when I stopped that she started getting all of the allergies. Enjoy you day Pam, tara

  11. Still nursing? Wow. I'm impressed. Evie would have kept it up, but she kept getting distracted, and I just felt like it was time. Sixteen months. It was a good run.
    And I hope you get your birthday wish.
    Your weather may have a little to do with your mood. I've got a great idea--Trader Joe's and flowers. Well?

  12. You just do what you think is best...forget the rest! I did two days at my fave hotel and just got away about 6 years ago. Lynn was with me, but he was at work all day and I just read, ordered room service, took long walks, slept and cried.
    It was the best, and so revitalizing!! Do it!
    I wish I could be there to babysit the kids and cook for them. Quesadillas on St. Paddy's???
    Sacrilege! Love you durl, xoxoxoxo