Sunday, March 13, 2011


Weekending at Home 
Using last weeks NY photos :)
Steve home from a week in Amsterdam
Lots of laundry
Making cupcakes
Playing outside!
Steve's Pizza
Totally screwed up by the one hour time change
Visiting family
Grocery shopping
2 bags down out of 40
Painting the basement
Getting out the Easter decorations
New Shoes
Willy Wonka
Griffy says Please and Thank You
Sleeping in and coffee in bed 
Out to dinner
Sleepovers= cranky kids

View from our hotel room

Front row seats at Phantom!

 A lot of walking=tired kids

Bad picture...these people slept outside all night for tickets to see Miley Cirus on SNL. 

Next time we need to skate!


  1. Former SW~CT girl (60 Minutes to Broadway).
    Envious of your photos.
    Must get back there soon with my son ~ he will be as in awe as I always am.
    Looks/Sounds like you had a fantastic time!
    ~Andrea in NH

  2. Loving that you are running.....a 5 K in your future. I will come and run it with you.
    Love that he is saying Please and Thank You!!

  3. I love your weekending posts... I may have to borrow/steal the idea!

  4. Great pics from your NYC weekend. My kids are cranky from sleepovers and time change too! Ugh!

  5. in bed! PLEASE tell me your secret! can't even remember the last time that treat happened...possibly 17 years ago!!
    still haven't made the bread yet...found the recipes and got my ss knob so I think i am all set.
    also try to drop about 7-8 lbs so I am hesitant to make the bread!
    i did my inaugural run this weekend...sidewalks are finally passable. will post a blog about my run later this week...maybe!!
    have a great week!

  6. Can't believe your seats for the show. Can't believe your view from your hotel. Glad it was a happy memory for your family. Thanks for sharing, tara

  7. Amazing pics! How wonderful - all those memories. :)
    I sat in the window looking out on the skaters at a restaurant in Rockefeller Center a long time ago - when I was pregnant with Kellen. I remember having hot chocolate in my very own silver H.C. pot. :) I had gone to NY to visit my brother and he took me on a mini tour of the city. We ate dinner at an Italian restaurant under the Roosevelt Island Tram and went to see Les Miserables too - but I fell asleep! :) Every time I see the skaters it reminds me of that trip! :)