Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weaning, Lemon Chicken and Fake Tans

What a week. Draining in every possible way. I hit a wall a few days ago and decided to start the whole weaning process with Griff. He's 21 months..I feel like I've done my job and 99% of me is ready to be done with it.  I don't know what is harder...nursing a toddler on demand or weaning that toddler. So..I've been shoving food in his face every minute I can. And when I'm not doing that and he's trying to nurse I'm spending my days redirecting...and let me tell you, it's not easy on this 43 yr old body to sit on the floor and play trains. Seriously..when did it start to hurt to sit Indian style?

I hate tv. Griffy watches it when I take a shower or when I'm making dinner..generally it's Barney or Calliou. And I'm sorry..but I think Calliou is a BRAT! The kid is constantly whining about something!

Can I tell you how thankful I am that we're in the 1-2" of rain section of this map? 

We're going away in a few weeks. This body hasn't seen the sun in a LONG time. Hoping this stuff will help me not look so ghost like as I prepare to bare my arms and legs for the first time in too many months.

That looks like an easy way to drink your milk Griff. 

Another fab recipe from Ina's book. Lemon chicken...easy and delicious. Big hit with the family. 

And I'll leave you with this. 
I should say I'm a bit obsessed with taking pregnancy tests.  Like border line crazy. I throw these things in the grocery cart like I'm throwing in a loaf of bread. So, I had it in my crazy head that I was pregnant this week. I got myself all wound up. Started talking about names with Steve...looking at Gap Maternity's cute summer stuff...stalking blogs with new babies or pregnant moms. You know..all normal stuff.  One day I took two tests. Not right in a row..c'mon. I'm not THAT bad. I waited a few hours in between.  I'd stare at that ONE line wishing it were two. I'd throw it in the trash..then an hour later go back up and dig it out of the trash...just to make sure. 
What is wrong with me? 
Besides the obvious. 


  1. I can't Stand Cailou he makes me want to stab my eyes out!!!
    Good luck on the weaning..

  2. Oh goodness, Pam there is nothing worse then getting up the nerve to pee on that stick and then to watch it be negative!! Been there!!!!!!!!!! Not quite as "bad" as you though I guess, it takes a lot for me to actually buy one, I hate getting my hopes dashed like that!
    Good luck with the weaning. We are in the same boat over here. Redirecting works best I have found, I have also started saying "just a little bit" she thinks thats cute and loves to make that little bit sign with her fingers. Works sometimes, sometimes not! Also, being out of the house works for us too. She never really asks to nurse in public (other then in church) so we spend a lot of time in Target and the mall!:)
    Have a happy day

    hate to ask...but was one of your names Janey???:)

  3. Obviously lately I've been the EXACT same way!!! So crazy. Started my you know what today...5 days early. Find out I have a short luteal phase. Easy to fix I guess with progesterone, but I'm not going down that road. Three healthy kids...I'm good. BUT...still taking our adoption classes.

  4. Pam, I have stacks of these in the back of my closet. I've finally stopped buying more of them. I've had months where I wanted to used them but didn't dare because I knew I'd not be able to handle the disappointment. And I've stared at those sticks a hundred times wondering if I could just wish them positive.

    I don't think it will ever get any easier.

  5. Haven't seen you in a while. Hope things are good.
    Caillou is a brat, and I don't know why Hyrum loves him so much.
    Sticks, huh?

  6. Oh Pam!! I do that too! And I even still test at 19 wks pregnant just because I have leftover tests and it's fun :) You know, EPT's aren't all that sensitive ;) First Response is, though. And the blue ink tests are evil. Yes, I, too, am obsessed. Good luck weaning! My last two weaned early at 16 months. Clare is going strong and is about to get food shoved in *her* face ;) Praying for you always!!

  7. So, we're the same age... only I panic if I even begin to THINK I'm pregnant. It was so hard to get pregnant that I've finally accepted my single child status...... now, God will play the joke on me right? My biggest fear is driving my girl to college and find out I'm pregnant. No, really.

    I watched Ina make that chicken the other day.... looks divine. Oh, and that middle eastern salad, made it last night and we all loved it. I mixed it with some romaine to make more of a "salad" for hubs and we all gobbled it up. DELISH!

  8. I have one in college and one on the way (and 8 others in between). It's awesome! :)

  9. Pam you have nursed longer than I did will all three of my boys combined...not that I am proud of that..I wish I would have done it longer:)

    I agree about the trains...I have played my share of Brio!

    I have used that tanning lotion and it does work, my favorite though is L'oreal Sublime Bronze really goes on in a fine mist, and hardly leave a smell. looks like you ARE trying...yeah!! ...and YES..I miss Tracy's house, she has got to miss it too, probably not the WI weather though!

  10. I love how your posts always have a random hodge podge of topics! I have tried the Jergens and think it is very good, but I want to try Dawn's recommendation too! Nothing is wrong with you. Be who you are, follow your truth and do what is right for you and your family!

  11. so much to say! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! thanks for posting!!

  12. caillou = serious whiner. never could cope with him, like nails on a chalkboard, blech!

    and what's up with this april fools day weather?! thought the coast was in the clear for rain, but we've got a slushy mess all over the place ... had to break the winter sorels out again :-(

  13. Oh Pam... I just LOVE it when you 'mix it all up' with your varied photos (and wonderful one-liners!) in your blog. Your's is one of my all time favorite blogs... because you have SUCH a deLIGHT-full sense of humor and wonderful way of expressing yourself. You just make me feel good when I read your words. Thank you for being YOU. :)

  14. Hi Pam... I love your blog and check it every morning. I even got the nerve to start my own. Please stop by sometime! Thanks!

  15. You are so fun...I love the randomness and intensity of this post. I don't envy you for weaning...yuck. I was a ghost at the waterpark last week...use the lotion, and let me know how it goes. And you're into sticks? !, not gonna happen. ;) Hugs!

  16. Pam, I have NEVER been able to sit indian style! It has always hurt! ( :
    I am 42 and would be in a panic if I WAS preggers!
    I have discovered I am so white , the self tanners do not even work on me. HONEST! I thought I was doing something wrong til I looked into it and I just am too white. AGH.
    Drinking the milk right off the table! OH! Makes me wish my boys were little again.
    Sweet post!
    Have a pretty day!

  17. You kill me! If my mother didn't read my blog, I'd be posting pics of my sticks, too. Yesiree, I still do them from time to time, and there's no freakin way I could be pregnant for several reasons, the least of which is the word that begins with a V and the most of which is my OB would k-i-l-l me (he's the one that made us stop at three).

  18. You are SO funny, I did that once with a pregnancy test, pulled it out of the trash...just to be sure I wasn't reading wrong. lol
    Your baby boy crouching down with his trains is SO precious, goodness!! And I so get the weaning thing, I nursed my oldest until he was 2-1/2 and I'm certain he could have gone another couple years! :D
    Good luck with the bottled tan and your upcoming getaway, how fun!!

  19. I'm going to pray that you have another one...'cause I think there's another little Dumont tucked in there! I love you, Pam!