Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stowe Weekending

Snow Shoeing
Griffy ate dog food
And I got sick
Shrimp, lobster, oysters
Pink Champagne
Hot tubs
Ben and Jerry's
Ed and Nancy's house
We love you guys!
Cousin Leila!!
Lots of quality family time in the car
Snow, snow, snow
Fun School vacation
Back on the treadmill tomorrow
Thanks again Flanagans...
Can we come up in the Spring? 


  1. so fun, pam (well, except for the sick part - hope it was short lived?!) ... welcome back to reality, friend ;-)

  2. We've missed you. That hot tub picture took me by surprise! Sorry you were sick. And Griffy and Will with Ben and Jerry--what a combo!

  3. Lots of fun stuff this weekend...hope you're feeling better. Cute pictures!

  4. Looks like the perfect weekend... because of the icecream!
    I've been meaning to thank you for so long now for your 2 bean vegetarian chili... yum! Have a great monday, tara

  5. Love Stowe and Ben & Jerry's! I went to UVM and we used to hit up the local B&J's for the 2nd's pints. We loved it when the cookies and cream 2nd's had TOO much cookies in it. :)

    Looks like you all had a blast!