Monday, February 21, 2011

Vineyard Weekending

Lot's of Cousins
iPhone camera
Great Food
Fashion Shows
Memories in Nana's attic
Happy Birthday David
So many laughs
Love my family
Love going to the Vineyard
School vacation
Wine and Ina's Brownies
Back on the treadmill


  1. Oh the Vineyard in the winter sounds delightful, no crowds, bundling up, snowy trees, cozy inns, how I'd love to slip away there for a weekend with Scott and the girls... it's on the list for sure!

  2. Griffy looks so much like Will. Did Will look like that at his age?
    Glad you got a little break.

  3. Even Hannah has pearls...and i am loving the crimped hair! :) Glad you had a good weekend.

  4. The Vineyard? As in Martha's Vineyard?!? Ohhhh, I so love it there. It's been years since I've been.

    Love your header pictures!

  5. nothing better than MV off season ... whole island to yourself = bliss!! must've been a fabulous weekend!

  6. Nice shots from your iphone!
    Glad you had a great visit. I love the girls hair. I have one of those crimping irons somewhere. I need to dig it out!

  7. Wine and Brownies....oh my!!!!