Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little Old Ladies at the Grocery Store

Before I write about the little old ladies can I just say how amazed I am that I can take a picture on my phone and come home and share it with the world? Seriously, it still blows my mind.  I remember all too well my little camera with the 110 film that I would put in the mail and weeks later it would come back developed.  And I'm using my phone camera because I left my Nikon on the Vineyard. I'm not psyched about that since we're going skiing. What are you gonna do?

Anyway, the little old ladies in the grocery store. I swear I attract them like flies. It's not a bad thing..I love it actually. I love talking to them in the grocery store about Griffy and how fast time flies and before I know it he'll be all grown up. As the mother of an almost 16 year old..I know this all too well. 

Today at the deli counter an older woman started talking to me and Griffy...how she missed those days with a little one in tow.  She told me she had 6 boys and 2 girls. That right there made me want to sit at a coffee shop with her over a cup of Earl Grey and chat with her. We talked for a while...she asking me how many children I had. Me saying ONLY 4 compared to her 8..but how I still yearn for another....and that I'll probably always feel like that. She came right out and asked me how old I was. I was totally not offended....I've never really understood why that is such a touchy subject with women.  I'm not thrilled I'm turning FORTY THREE next month but I'm not hiding it either. Anyway, she was very sweet and said she had her last at 42 and that there is 20 years between the oldest and youngest.  She also told me how close they all are. 

So as we were parting ways at the fish counter she told me I'll always regret not having another. 

You never regret having a baby...You just regret not having another baby. 

P.S....do you see the hula hoop way off by the bread in the first picture? Griffy carried that around the whole time we shopped. :)


  1. oh Pam...what do you think? after I had Izzie I had a sense of completion but struggled to find my place while she was a baby. you know me, i say if you want it go for it. xoxoxo (i definitely could not have 8:)

  2. ummm....whoah...does this mean there may be another little one in your future?!??!? :)

  3. soooo........whatcha gonna do???? :)

  4. *sigh* ... I have definitely felt the regret of not having another :-( Doesn't mean I would have gone for EIGHT, however!

  5. Now you know this post speaks right to my heart!!!!

  6. Speaking to my heart too....!!!
    Those little old ladies always find us as well, and we love it! How wonderful that she had her last at 42! Not so common back then.
    We are still praying.
    You know I say Go For It!!!
    Have a happy day Pam

  7. Ooooh, you know I LOVE this story.
    He is getting so big too Pam! Where has his chubbiness gone? Why do they have to grow up?

  8. oh, this post gave me the chills Pam! What a powerful thing for her to say. And I'm all for woman having babies in their 40's - if I'm ever get lucky enough to find the right guy I hope that will be me!

  9. I always get so frazzled when someone says that to me... makes me want to go home and try to convince my hubby to try or adopt again. Even when I feel all settled with my two, it always gets me thinking... Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing! PS 4 is not ONLY... 4 is beautiful

  10. I'm not a little old lady yet (just a mother of 10) but I couldn't agree more. :) You know my stance, though. I was just telling a young mother of 4 the other day (she's 24 like I was when I had 4 kids) that at that age it seems as if you'll have 2 dozen kids by the time you're 40. Now I pray for "just one more". Surprisingly old men approach Jesse (my husband) and tell him that he'll never regret having this many kids.

  11. Oh my! Pandora's Box is open again. :) I LOVE your thoughts about this - that you are weighing it. Good for you. I think that people like you are very special - that kids have such a wonderful place in your heart and life. ...I mean everyone loves their kids but nowadays there aren't so many like you that yearn - over a number of years to have more - and can follow through too. I was so very sure I didn't want any more - and I didn't - and that is fine. You aren't sure yet - that is fine too. People are going to give you opinions ...but your heart knows. :)
    Sooooo those little old ladies aways find you....hmmmmm....this could get interesting.
    Maybe You and Regret could have a long talk. :)
    You are very special - truly. :)

  12. I really enjoy your blog and have never posted but felt the urge today! Now, after reading the other comments, I feel a little like a wet blanket but here's another perspective about another baby for what it is worth...I struggled a long time with the idea of "no more babies". I have three and am 37. I can say today I am content and do feel our family is complete. I did not think the day would come that I could say that. ~Just my personal experience -not giving advice! ~ For years it seemed to me there are mothers who just know they are done and mothers who never feel done. Now I know there are mothers who never feel done - until they do!

  13. think that may have been a sign to you....what do you think? i mean has anyone ever said anything that direct and related on the topic at the exact time you are "thinking"? God works in mysterious ways!

    where are you guys going skiing? we are up at sugarloaf this week. I am back at the condo with a kid running a fever...ugh!

    catching up on reading blogs and emails but missing the fresh outdoors.

    hope you are well.

  14. AWWW!What a sweet post!
    Does this mean you will try for another?
    I am 42 and have three grown sons. 24,21, and 19. I do not have the desire to have another. I LOVE my boys ...don't get me wrong! SO I agree, if you have that feeling, I believe you will always have the feeling for another.
    Great post.
    Have a pretty day!

  15. I would love one more. Even though 3 is mentally, physically, and financially enough, my heart wants another. Unfortunately, my body just can't do another one. Boo.