Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Life in Houses

I love houses like some women love shoes. If Steve and I are bored on the weekends (which doesn't happen often) we like to ride around town and peek into the open houses. I've mentioned before that we've moved a lot. This is our first house..kind of. We did live together in Boston in this apartment. Right after we got married we drove to Alabama so Steve could start flight school.

I went to some discount store and bought all this furniture on a  whim..probably with wedding money. I don't regret a lot in my life but man I wish I could say to my 25 year old self.."hello?" Oh well. I wanted so badly to display all the wedding china. Anyway, we were in this house for a year and a  half. Stephen was born here.

Here we are in Germany. Can you tell I just took pictures of my albums? I'm too lazy to scan. So in Germany we decided to not live on the military base and it was one of the best decisions we've ever made. I loved this house..loved our landlords..Erich and Lieselotte who could not speak a word of English except "Steve want schnapps?" I swear whenever Steve came home from flying Erich would be waiting at the door with a drink for him. Stephen called them Oma and Opa and they were like his first Grandparents.

Here they are outside are house on our last day in Germany. I want so badly to go back there with the kids. Hannah was born here.

From Germany we moved to Ft. Knox Kentucky. We lived on the military base here. While I wasn't crazy about the house I did love the neighborhood. We had a big playground right in our backyard. And remember that non-existent green thumb I talked about recently? Apparently I had it here in this house. I loved to garden here. 

These are pictures of our backyard. My good friend Angie lived here too with her son Jack who was Hannah's age. I was so thankful to find Angie! We're still friends...and her husband is still in the military...Miss you Ang!

This would be the first house we bought after leaving Kentucky and the military. Steve took a job with Boeing outside of Philly. We wanted a good school district for Stephen so we ended up in Chadds Ford, PA. I wrote about our house here. We were only in this house a little over a year.

I wasn't kidding about the wine labels. I was pregnant most of our time here so Steve did all the work. Isn't that always the case? Will was born  here.

We left PA for NH. We're getting closer to home now. We lived in 2 houses in NH. This one was the first. It was close enough to walk into the village. I loved this sunliner. We had a stream in the backyard. Once again Steve painted and painted and painted. 

I wanted a pink dining room and he made that happen. No births or pregnancy's here. We were in this house for a little over a year and then I saw this house for sale in the village...

I was dropping Hannah off at school when I saw the women put the sign in the ground. I called when I got home and BEGGED Steve to come look with me. He swore he'd never buy another old home after the issues we were having with the house we were living in. But I won him over and we bought it. 

I loved the backyard. Many many parties held here!

View from my kitchen sink in this house was nice. 

You all know how I love a well organized/stocked pantry. No babies in this house either.

I cried and cried over leaving this house. 

And here we are. Back home. Griffin was born here. And although there won't be any more babies born I do know that this is not the last house we'll live in. 


  1. Loved your tour of homes Pam. I would have cried over that NH house too! Gorgeous! Where do you think you might end up next?

  2. This was so much fun to read. What a fun way to tell a story about your family!

  3. Gre@t post! Fun to see where you've been!

  4. What beautiful homes you've lived in. I loved this story. Wish I had pictures of every house we've lived in. Sadly, our first house was knocked down for a condo complex. Never again.

    And I'm working on my kitchen sink post for tomorrow. I've been thinking about it, but a few things have come up, as you can see by today's post.

  5. Oh Pam I LOVE your taste in houses!!! I love them all, even the little ones in the beginning...my first houses, where so much of my life changed bringing home babies, are my favorite and hold the sweetest memories. What do you mean there won't be any more babies? :)
    PS. You look very vogue in that Germany pic.

  6. Loved visiting all your houses Pam! I was drooling over that backyard. Here in California, a backyard like that will cost, well, too much!!!

    Your current home looks amazing :)
    I have so many sweet memories from our first home. It was tiny, but cozy.

    I agree with Sarah, you look very vogue in that Germany picture.

  7. Wondering what town in NH you lived in?
    ~Andrea in NH

  8. now THAT'S a lot of moving, girl!! I love love love that backyard in the 2nd NH house - wow!! I loved this fun post - what a great idea - thanks so much for sharing all of those fun stories and places - what a life you guys have had together!! btw - LOVE the 'right now' house, such a pretty photo with the snow falling :-)

  9. we have mutual bloggy friends and i stopped by after seeing all their views from their kitchen sinks!

    We've moved 4 times in the last 16 years. . .it seemed like a lot, but wow I am impressed with all your moves!

    glad I stopped by!

  10. this was such a neat post. thank you for sharing!

  11. Oh that was so fun to see your homes over the years, all so lovely!! I'm swooning over the NH ones! :)
    LOVE Beacon Hill too (apartment post), maybe we'll be your neighbors one day. Of course it'd only be in the summer months. :)
    That "stay off the grass" picture is so funny!

  12. loved the home(s) tour. what a great walk down memory lane for you!
    thanks for your email today....
    it made me smile!

  13. Thanks Pam... Gray is so sweet. It was hard to say the "Gran--"..... see I still can't say it. I feel too young to have that title. But I will say..... that its so fun to play with him and then give him back. Funny how people are at such different stages in life. I would die if I had another baby. Mine were so far apart that I feel like I've had babies for 20 years..... :)

  14. Isn't it fun to see how our tastes and styles evolve?
    I loved seeing all of your homes Pam!
    I've kept pictures of all my homes too.
    I think I will go look at them today....

  15. Hi! I posted my view today...finally!

  16. Wow, I really need to learn how to make a home beautiful. Yours are all soooo pretty. It was a treat for me to visit and take your home tour. I stopped by through the denton sanatorium :)

  17. Loved this look at your life...still cannot believe you do not use doors!!!!

  18. I remember you in *almost* all those houses :) I posted my view from my kitchen sink on my blog for you today :)

  19. oh i loved this little photo tour so much! A nice review-didn't you love doing this? i love your homes ALL of them! I have only lived in 3 with Bo and kiddos and have a fond spot for each.... will reminisce this way, maybe over the summer.... i do look forward to summer......and more time-looking back thru pics is one of my all time fave things to do! LOVE you Pam!!