Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our First Apartment and an Unhappy Bride

Recently Steve and I took the kids into Boston while Hannah was in Cambridge dancing. We walked around and showed them our first apartment in Beacon Hill. #98 Myrtle Street.

We loved living here. We talk about when we're OLD we want to retire here. We'll go to the Symphony and walk along the Charles and go out to dinner all the time. We'll take the grandkids to the museums. Read the paper all day on Sundays and talk about how much we miss the kids. Anyway, it was the greatest little apartment.

We got engaged here. It used to be the Ritz Carlton now it's the Taj Boston. Why? Anyway, I'll save our engagement story for another post. It's a good one.

We walked down Newbury Street. Great people watching.

There were wedding photos being taken on the Common.

She wasn't a very  happy looking bride.

I love how no one abides by the "Please stay off the Grass" signs.

See? She doesn't look very happy. I hope she is now.


  1. No she doesn't look very happy...but her dress is very pretty!
    That apartment looks charming and retirement sounds so wonderful for you guys!
    I love your new header very New England~ish.
    Have a great night!

  2. I think it's so much fun to observe people, too. My mother told me of a similar experience she had; they saw a bride who looked so unhappy getting her pictures getting taken, it was uncomfortable. Let's just hope she was camera shy....I love the way you capture life, Pam. You have an eye for the interesting!

  3. I thinky you're so lucky to live where you live. It sounds so charming. Let's hope that bride was in a better mood that evening! Poor guy :)

  4. I think those shoes must be pinching her feet....

  5. Love those trees in the park, but of course Griffy in the carrier was my fav!
    Enjoy the weekend, Pam

  6. too last post was about our trip to Boston...and taking the kids by our first house, AND where we got engaged!!! love, love, love Boston.

  7. okay, she looks miserable! love taking the kids to first apartments. I took the kids to MY first apartment in the city last time we were there and Travis and I have stopped by our first apartment a few times since we have moved. 21A Wade Street, Brighton. I loved that apartment! hmmmm.....

  8. Whoa, she needs an attitude adjustment. Love your Retirement Dream. Sounds dreamy indeed!

  9. Thanks for taking us down your memory lane and showing us a bit of your future dreams too! Hope it was just picture day for the bride and not the real day!

  10. That cracks me up that everyone is on the grass!

    sandy toe

  11. Hi! Our bride was glowing!!!! Love your look into the future and so hope it happens for you.Hope that you both keep your health and enjoy old age!

  12. Loved finally reading your blog again after being away from it! You write so well Pam! I am sure you found out that those are flower frogs, right? Martha Stewart swears by them!