Monday, November 8, 2010

In Your Dreams

Aren't dreams weird? I think I'd like to have some of my dreams analyzed sometime. I'm really not into horoscopes and all that but I think your dreams mean something. I've had reaccuring the one where my teeth are falling out into my hands. It's awful. Someone told me once that it could mean miscarriage. And looking back at when I had at least one of those dreams, I believe it to be true.

And why do you dream about certain people/things? Is it because you are thinking of them during the day or are you thinking of them because of your dream? It's like what came first the chicken or the egg.

Sometimes I'll have a dream and wake up and be able to go right back to sleep to the same dream.  I've never had the naked in front of the classroom dream. Or the flying dream. I've had a dream where I'm drowning and someone is saving me. The other night I dreamt I had my tubes tied. Ok where did THAT come from?  And here's a REALLY weird dream for ya. It was about Manny Ramirez..the old Red Sox left fielder. He was traded a few years ago and I was so upset. I loved Manny. His attitude and all. I felt so bad for Big Papi after he left. dream. So, after Will finished nursing (many years ago..) he used to put his hand down my shirt..kind of like to see if they were still there you know? Well, I had a dream that Manny did that. Can you even believe I'm saying this? I can't. It was creepy. I can't even look at Manny anymore.

I wish I had time in the morning to jot down in a little notebook what I dreamt about. I've said before how bad my memory is..Hannah had to remind me of the Manny dream the other day. Thanks Hannah.

I had a dream the other night about some of my old friends in NH. We were at my 40th bday party that they threw me at my old house. It was such a fun night. The dream was almost exactly how the night was. Maybe I just wanted to re-live it. Maybe I need to go up there and hang out with them cuz I miss them.

Or maybe I just think I'm a rock star.


  1. I laughed out loud at this one! What a GREAT picture :) And yes, dreams are soooo weird. Sometimes i'll dream about people I haven't thought of in years. My Mom died 2 years ago and sometimes I'll go to bed and try to think of her until I fall asleep hoping i'll dream about her....never happens. What's up with that? Crazy

  2. What a fun night that was. When are you coming? Please don't say Thanksgiving because I am away. xoxoxo!!!

  3. I hate that teeth falling out dream...I have that too! The person I dream about the most is Oprah...we're the best of friends in my dreams. (I never dream about Gail)
    Great picture of you in orange...that's my color too!

  4. Read this comments, just take it all in and love to reflect on what you have written. I remember that party like it was yesterday...hope to see you soon. Hugs and kisses...miss you! -Sherry

  5. OK, I'm laughing out loud about your Manny dream - how funny! What a great picture of you and all your girlfriends and the rock star pic is great too!

  6. Rock star? Now that took me by surprise!
    I have the teeth falling out dream as well. Often. Along with the dream that I'm back at college and I can't remember where my classes are and I have an exam that day.
    I'm sure this means something.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the velvet settee. Is that yours? Lucky!

  7. look like a rock start to me!!:)
    Two great pictures my friend.
    I usually always have the "first day of school and my classroom is not ready" dream right before school begins, even though it has been 8 years since I was a teacher. Oh and baby dreams....constantly!:)
    Enjoy the day Pam

  8. You are a rock star doubt! Love the pics.
    They say you dream every night...but I can't think of the last time I awoke and remembered a dream.
    Fun post, Pam.

  9. Dreams of people are really you. You're identifying with the one you're dreaming about in some way (even though it's Manny!)It's called your male animus or female animus. Teeth falling out usually means having a bad mouth...i.e. telling someone off, hurting someone with your words, saying ugly things.
    Sex in a dream just means connection. Wanting to "bring together" your male and female animus...feeling whole. Deep water dreams are your sub-conscious. Calm waters, you're feeling good. Stormy waters are indicative of turmoil.
    House dreams are your soul. I have many house dreams, all different. Trees or Forests or the color green means growth. Horses are strength and power. Write your dreams down as much as possible, and you will see what's going on in your life. I had a dream where Lynn and I checked into a hotel room right on the beach. The rooms had huge windows, but something was blocking our view of the ocean and I wanted another room. I suppose I was seeking to go deeper into my sub-concious. No one can really interpret your dreams but you. Try to see the symbols, then apply it to your own situations
    and experiences. Someone can guide you, but you have to interpret it yourself. I love reading my dream journal, start keeping one if you can!

    This is a pretty good symbols dictionary on line.

  11. Your 40th party was such a blast! Loved signing with that band!

  12. ummmm - i meant singing with that band - but i guess if they wanted to sign me, i would do that too!

  13. Wow..those are some dreams! I love your pictures..looks like a great time!

    sandy toe

  14. Love the it yours?
    In my dreams I am still in college and cannot find my classes. :(

  15. My teeth used to fall out. No more. Hhhhmmmmm...
    And like the others, I must know about that settee.
    You ARE a rock star in my book!!!