Sunday, November 7, 2010


This weekend we

took Christmas card photos
we might need to do them again
watched Toy Story 3
a few times
ordered pizza
threw out the last of the candy
ballet and more ballet
did laundry
bought a neti pot
grilled maybe for the last time
downloaded music
watched A Fish Called Wanda
K K K Ken
made a welcome home sign for Dad
he's been gone since Tuesday
he now wants to move to San Diego
weaning Griffy
not going well
played football and manhunt outside
Family dinner with in-laws
home made apple pie
watched Dan In Real Life
LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie!!

It is supposed to snow tomorrow!!


  1. I love this post...I think I am going to copy and start doing one like this...I love it!

    ok...I NEED Griffy's you not just want to eat him up??!!

    San Diego...I think I want to move there...maybe when my youngest Bennett gets through high school, we will move with Lucy...I need more sun!!

  2. Love your list. got a lot in. Sorry about the neti pot, although it's helped me a ton. The pic of the kids is a great shot!!

  3. I'm with Dawn. I'd chew on those thighs daily.
    Neti-pot. Ew. The thought of it is awful, but it really helps, doesn't it?
    San Diego? Closer to AZ. Still has a beach. HMMM.
    If you could just convince the rest of your extended family?
    Or . . . just come with Steve the next time he's out here! Vacay is almost as good!

  4. Great family picture!!! Hope it snows :)

  5. You have really beautiful children! But I bet you already know that:) Love those thighs, and I love how your daughter is looking at Griffy.

  6. yes to the Neti Pot! Loving Griffy's thighs, Siri had thighs like that and love the movie Dan in Real Life. you had my kind of weekend:)

  7. You do NOT have to take that Christmas photo again...they all look fab even if Griffy doesn't have his usual smiley face. I LOVE Dan in Real Life...we never got to talking about that!
    San Diego? I'll ask you in March and see what your answer is then. I'd consider it, but never really be brave enough.
    Your weekend sounded precious.

  8. I love your weekend reports! You really cram a lot of fun into a few days! Love the photos! xoxo

  9. Your weekend sounds like my to-do list! Except the ballet. We took this year off from the Colorado Ballet Nutcracker, and though she is missing it, I am not. Finally one year without sitting outside the stage door and pumping coins into a meter downtown. Love your weekending posts!

  10. You had a busy weekend!
    San Diego? Oh my, keep us posted.
    I haven't watched A Fish Called Wanda in ages.
    Must add it to my Netflix list!

  11. I love your weekend list! Weekends with family are crazy, fun, but crazy, aren't they? Sometimes I think Monday is my real weekend. Get the house back together, feel calm again, breathe!

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