Monday, November 1, 2010

No Playgroup for Griffy

Griffin wasn't sleeping (again) so we went for a walk down the street. We live on a small street, only a few houses with a cul-de-sac and little pond at the end of it. Perfect for little legs.

So I met a woman in town with a baby Griffy's age. She asked if I wanted to join their playgroup. I really don't think I do. Is that terrible? I just feel like I've been there, done that. When I was in my early 30's with 3 little kids I was all about the playgroup. We had just moved to NH, Will was a baby and I knew noone. My friend Erin had kids my age and brought me into her playgroup. I met so many great women through it...most of whom are still my close friends.

Maybe it's just that I don't want to feel like I have to be somewhere. Maybe I feel like I run run run all afternoon with the other kids and I just want my days to be quiet. Maybe I just like being home alone with the baby and my fun bloggy that sad?? 

I don't think so.


  1. It's not sad at all...I did the same thing with numbers 3 and 4. I treasured my time with them...just being. It was wonderful, and I don't regret it one bit. I don't miss the days of having to get a house ready for a bunch of toddlers and their mommies, and making small talk for hours on end and having the kids end up as trainwrecks. :) Blogging really is perfect. :)

  2. I totally get this Pam...after raising 3, when we brought Lucy home, I was NOT into playgroups and playdates...been there done that, and I just wanted to do what I wanted to do...eventually she started pre school and Kindergarten and it all works itself out...and to be honest once you have is really hard to sit and listen to conversations about potty training, and stuff :)

  3. I'm with you. Especially when Baby isn't even two yet!
    And, frankly, I like the time you spend with bloggy friends.

    You live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Can't believe that's your street. Lucky!
    And what about that Griffy? Can I eat him?

  4. If I had a baby (and I often wish I did) I would totally agree. Been there done that. You are well aware of how fast it goes, and I would imagine that the down time in the early afternoon while the others are at school is to precious to share. I pulled my 3rd one out of preschool because she wanted to be home with me, and that's exactly where I wanted her.

  5. I feel weird about not doing this too, but I really just need the days to be mostly free of time commitments...because I know my evenings and weekends are FULL of them? I went to the library once when story time was in full swing, and lots of kids were playing and Patrick LOVED playing side by side with the kids. I had recently bought these little felt Halloween people that were about his height and later that week at home, he dragged them over to HIS train table and called them "friends". Talk about GUILT!

  6. I don't think so either. My neighbor is constantly go go go go go go go... you get the picture. She makes me exhausted just seeing her come and go. Sometimes she tries to get me to go too, but I find myself stressed out from dragging my three children (thus far) out and about while she easily manages her one. I'm a homebody, that just how I am and I'm not going to change. If other mothers want to be my friend they are going to have to realize that I go nowhere! :o)

  7. i think playgroups fit a "need" for moms. sometimes we need them for advice, for friendship, for playdates and sometimes we don't. Griffy has friends (his siblings), you have friends and you have a very full life! why add to your full plate unnecessarily? I always feel like if I over commit, I get cranky....that much faster!!
    he is your last (maybe?!) so enjoy each moment with him because you know too well how fast the time goes. also, a playgroup is just ONE MORE THING on your to-do list!
    also, was thinking maybe I would try to see the nutcracker performance Hannah is in. My girls would love to see it, we could see you guys and my niece lives in Boston. shoot me the schedule if you get a moment (and want us to come!)

  8. No not weird at all! Playgroups really are for the mom, especially when the kids are so young. Once he gets older, more socialization will be good for him with tots his age, but for now, do what you need and want to do! I so get this Pam!

  9. Love those cheeks!

    I had a mom ask me this same thing at the school parties on Friday! I laughed and said "Really? What do they do at this age -- play beside each other?" Then I realized she was serious. Oops.

    I don't even do preschool any more. I did with my first two and then realized that it's not really necessary to send them off to school an entire year before they actually have to go for the rest of their lives. A play date here and there with good friends coupled with our library story time is plenty of social interaction -- and don't big family kids get a lot of that anyway?

    The rest, I can teach at home. And, I jealously hold my read/cuddle/nap in my bed with my baby times (even when they are 4) close until the absolute minute I have to send them off. I'm with you, Pam -- I like my time to be my own. There's nothing wrong with that.

  10. Oh I so hear you Pam!!!
    The quiet is wonderful isn't it? And it really doesn't last that long. That 3:00 bell rings in no time.
    I say enjoy that little guy and keep him all to yourself!
    Enjoy the day Pam

  11. I think as I've become 'older' I am much more content to be at home with my little ones and far less concerned about being out and about. I've got 2 older boys at school and 2 little girls at home and when my boys were little we were often out with friends doing different activities like play groups etc. With my girls though, I am really loving just being at home with them. Aahhh sigh it won't always be like this. Sad thought huh!

  12. I agree Pam. In my 30's I felt pressured to do the play group thing. If I had a little one now...that wouldn't be the case. They grow up so fast and that alone time is precious too. We get smarter as we get older, don't we! ;)
    Griffy looks like he's on a mission in that last pic...he's a doll!
    LOVE your get to live by the beach AND in a cute neighborhood?? Some people have all the luck! :)

  13. Ok, I am the lone dissenter here or perhaps "instigator". Although I adore my blogging friends, I have found it important to seek friendships in the real world, too. Since you are new to the area, it may be beneficial to meet some women with kids that are Griffy's age. I don't think you need to make a huge time commitment, but perhaps check it out & see if there is anyone that you click with. Just a thought.

    Pics are adorable Pam! hugs, Cathy

  14. Not sad at ALL. Isn't it funny how there are things we "think" we should be doing with our time (or our kids)? And then we get to a certain point in our lives and realize how a lot of it was fluff. I'm trying to figure out what it is about THIS time that I'll wish I hadn't spent wasted energy on. Learn before the moment passes!