Sunday, October 31, 2010


This weekend we

went boo-ing and to ballet
had date night and a stomach bug
 carved pumpkins
made cupcakes
had our last regatta
trick or treated

1 baby fairy
1 scream guy
1 unhappy giraffe

Happy Halloween!


  1. You guys are like master pumpkin carvers! Yours puts ours to shame!
    I found similiar cupcake papers and toppers sure makes trying to make them look cute much easier!
    Great weekend!

  2. lovely pics, even the screaming giraffe! my camera battery died last night, ugh! sounds like it was a super busy weekend! relax & lay low today:) hugs, Cathy

  3. Thanks for sharing this spooky holiday with us moms who have grown children. Brings back many memories.
    BTW...the wedding is Friday!!!!

  4. Your home is sooooo pretty with fall, pumpkins and spooky things. Love all these pics!

  5. Wish we lived closer for a ton of reasons but mostly because that giraffe and my elephant would have looked really cute together!
    And I second what Vava decorations in and out look so warm and comfy and fallish.

  6. So fun! So sorry about the stomach bug. What a beautiful harvesty comfy home!

  7. Too funny that Griffin is unhappy in both pictures. That seemed to be a common theme for our weekend too.

  8. Your home looks wonderful! And that little giraffe is just too cute.

  9. I love the atmosphere, and I really like those eyeball lights.

  10. Oh those cupcakes look delish!
    Sounds like the perfect weekend!
    Enjoy the day Pam