Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Weekend

Will and I were driving in the car today and he said out of the blue...."anymore kids mom?"...and before I could really answer he said.."I'd really love a baby sister" and then he started telling me all the girls names that he likes. Meg, Sarah, Jennifer and Audrey. Those are his favorite girls names. He then said that if I couldn't get pregnant (his words..I know)...than maybe we could adopt. I love this kid. He's such a great big brother to Griffy. And I could think of a million girl names.

This weekend we
cleaned and purged and painted
drove to Cambridge twice
rowed on the Cape
had two sit down family a row.
With music and candles
and no fighting.
grocery shopped
had friends over
decorated for Halloween
Griffy walked.
A lot. The whole family claps and yells "yeah!" he loves it.
I made an apple crisp and roasted vegetables
Bought pumpkins and mowed the lawn.
grocery shopped again.
played Wii.
helped friends take their boat out
slept in
made lasagna and chicken piccata
started another diet

I love our weekends. Even though they're jam packed and loud and crazy. Some day it'll just be Steve and I and we'll be bored.


  1. love it and you know that you can still have Isabelle for a name:) I can't believe that he is walking, OMG wasn't he just born.

  2. What a great weekend. Family dinner with music and candles? I love that, and I'm going to do it too!!! If I can't take a family of five out to a fancy dinner, we'll just do it at home:)

    When those little ones ask for a baby brother or sister it's so hard to deny that. At least for this almost 41 year old mama it is. Glad you had a nice weekend.

  3. And what was your answer? Still sticking with your guns?
    Glad you had a great weekend. And you've motivated me to pull out some candles for dinner tomorrow night.
    Are you counting down the hours till Friday yet?

  4. I can just feel the excitement in your family celebrations. What a wonderful weekend!! WIll is such a cutie!

  5. Will is such a sweet boy. Looks like you had a fun full weekend!

  6. Boy, that sounds like a week's worth of activity and great fun! I must say that by the time you are an empty nester you and hubby will relish quiet days together ,as it should be....and.... look forward to the kid's visits.

  7. I thought I fighting...and dinner..on your list in the same sentence.
    I am jealous!
    Sounds like a full and fun weekend!

  8. Trust me, there won't be much time to be bored when it's just you and Steve ... the grandkids make sure that there's no boredom!!!