Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Back to the real world. Yesterday when I was on my way to the grocery store, I accidentally locked Griffin in the car. 3 policemen, 2 AAA guys, a broken door and 45 minutes later the drama ended. He was fine. I'm fine. The drivers side door to my car..not so much. I now need to climb across the passenger side door to get in my car. It's all good though because I'm still on my retreat high! Still hearing those positive words of wisdom that were spoken by all the fabulous moms I met.

I do need to give a HUGE shout out to my incredible husband who not only held down the fort..he went above and beyond. When I walked in the door Sunday afternoon I wasn't expecting the kids, the house and especially the baby to be as happy and well-cared for as they were. The house was clean, dishes done, the kids cleaned their rooms and Steve painted the study. WHAT? I can't paint my nails with 4 kids..how did he manage that? I wonder if I would have preferred the opposite. You know a dirty, messy house and kids who came running at me saying "Mom! Thank God your home...we NEED you!!"

And some of you were wondering about the baby. You know the whole nursing thing. When I left on Friday he was still nursing a few times a day/night so that was my biggest worry about being gone. But, when I called over the weekend Steve reassured me he was fine..eating a ton..but fine. So, what did I do the minute I walked in the door on Sunday? Nurse. I think I missed it more than him.

It's 71 degrees and sunny here today. Griffy and I just came from a long walk on the beach. I feel recharged and ready to face the day!  


  1. I want details from the retreat! In the end, there is no way that reception could have gone on without me, so it's a good thing I stayed home, or Brad may have killed me on my return. Kudos to Steve. Having all that stuff done for you when you got home just means that he loves you and wanted to make you happy, right? Probably not as happy as Jeff was that you "weren't a dude." I laughed out loud when I read that on Sarah's blog.
    The police couldn't get your car open? You need an insurance break. And I'm glad you're okay.
    When are you going to wean? Now that Evie's one, I've been asked that question a few times. I'm the one not ready.
    It's only supposed to be 80 here today. Don't you love the weather?
    I want to hear all about NH!
    Enough already! Sorry this is a novel.

  2. OMG Pam you must have been so freaked when Griffin got locked in the car! What a nightmare. I'm glad you're both ok. At least the weather was nice. That happened to a friend of mine when it was 100 degrees outside! So scary.

    Good job Steve! I'm sure he wanted everything to be perfect when you got home, and it sounds like it was. Glad you had a good time.

  3. Steve is a real hero!!I knew he would do well. I thought you were going to use this trip to begin weaning??? Pam love, I think you need another baby.Sweet Griffey is old enough to move on. :)
    I am so glad he was alright with the car lock problem. Isn't motherhood grand?

  4. Wow...you poor thing! I'm so glad you were on your post-retreat high still! Good for Steve for holding down the fort and dealing with a nursing baby too. You have a good guy!
    Enjoy that beach time. It's gusty winds here in the midwest....

  5. I'm glad you're home...and back to blogging :) Sounds like a wonderful time and a wonderful homecoming. I'm so happy you took the time to walk Griffin on the beach. Sorry he was locked in the car. What an ordeal! Would love to hear more about your retreat... and some of the uplifting words! Welcome Home!

  6. Oh poor Griffy! Glad he handled it well. I on the other hand would have been freaking!!

    I love to come home to a clean house with happy children. It makes the re-entry a little more painless when you can jump right into loving them instead of diving head first into mounds of laundry.

    Would love to chat sometime about weaning and wanting another....my good friend is 13 weeks and it is pulling at my soul! Not that I needed any help in the wanting department anyway!!

    Take a walk on the beach today for me!
    Enjoy the day Pam

  7. I wish that I had a beautiful beach to stroll along while letting all my worries drift away in the tide! :o( I hope the Power of Moms retreat comes a little closer to Kansas City.... and if it doesn't I hope I'm able to attend something like this in the future! Glad you enjoyed it, all mothers need to recharge and I know for a fact we don't do it enough. I believe that most of the time we are running about half full. :o)

    Happy Wednesday from Kansas!

  8. Steve is the MAN!
    This was good for Griffy and Steve both. Some one on one time and good bonding. Griffy has proven he can survive without the booby -- even through the night! I remember feeling like this was the only reason my babies loved me--for my booby. Once they weened, guess what? They still loved me, just the same! And Griffy will still love and adore you once his nursing days are over.
    Sorry to hear about the locked car drama! Sounds like you handled it well, and I am glad everyone is okay--except the car!