Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How I Feel About My New iPhone

We made some heart brownies yesterday. And while we were making them the doorbell rang. It was the UPS guy. The kids were all.."woo hoo!!" So I signed for it and said to the guy.."I bet you've delivered a bunch of these today huh?" He just turned and left. We have THE most unfriendly UPS man ever. I don't get it. I would think being the UPS man would be fun. People are always happy to receive a package right? Anyway, so it's here. I have it. It's great. I guess. 

I mean..yeah it's cool and everything but really when you think about it...I'm a stay at home mom. Those first three words mean I don't really leave the house much. The other day I was a half hour early picking Hannah up from violin. The baby was sleeping in his car seat and for a brief moment I thought it might be nice to have the iphone. But then I got distracted watching all the high school kids getting on the bus to go on a ski trip. I started thinking about when I was in high school and went on ski trips and how fun they were. Then I watched Griffy sleep and snore and thought about how cute he is. Then I read a poem. If I was on the iphone I would have missed all those quiet moments. And I love those quiet moments...they don't happen often in my world. 

So I've mentioned a few online magazines that I love...well, just found another one that is SO beautiful. It's called 79 ideas..this is the English version. It's total eye candy. 

Stephen had a doctors appointment today. Instead of bringing him back to school, Griffy and I took him out to lunch.  Made me think I should do that more was so nice spending time with him. Plus he taught me how to use my iphone. Then we went to Trader Joe's and I stocked up on flowers and fancy lemonade.  The tulips are so pretty right now!

Ok and THANK YOU all so much for posting your Views from Your Kitchen Sink! I have LOVED looking at what you all look at while you do your dishes. Everyone has such beautiful and unique views don't they?? So cool. :)


  1. I'm still jealous :) I'm on the run ALOT so my ipod touch is awesome when I can find wifi. I love answering my emails while I wait for the kids. You can also do the rosary (irosary) or read the readings for the day (magnificat). LOVE those features. Luckily I don't need wifi to do the rosary because that is a life saver during the few spare moments I have :)

  2. I still have my kitchen sink view to post :)

    I can't wait for my phone to arrive too. It will be valuable to return needed phone calls while waiting in line to pick up kids from school and such rather than during my day or when I'm with children. Verison does have such good coverage and out here in the country it's spotty at best.

    But, I do plan to keep it off at home. I love that we have no service at our house. It's a little bubble in a world of technology :)

  3. i love my iPhone, but i have the older one. i got it a few months back. enjoy it, but enjoy those quiet moments too :)

  4. i said the exact same thing when I first got my iphone ... it's a slippery slope from there, friend!

  5. oh yeah. I got a Droid X for Christmas. I feel the same way. Never thought I wanted one. Needed one. I still have no idea how to use the thing, but the other day my oil change turned into a brake job so I played on that thing for the next 2.5 hours. Had a perfectly good book I wanted to read, but didn't even crack it open. I am going to be completely illiterate in no time. So glad you will be too. ;)

  6. I h@ve @lwy@s loved extending those Dr. @ppts. to
    include lunch @nd's too short! xoxo

  7. Love the new header! Looks like Griffey will be cooking by himself soon. :) Good luck with the phone. Garland has a Droid and is looking forward to the new Droid 4G this month. ( Men and their toys)...not me. I still embarrass my kids when I pull out my old slider!! :)

  8. Verbatim response to your message on my blog -- Pam, YES YES YES to Maine. My kids have basketball every Saturday until Noon through March 5th. Maybe right after?! I think she needs us! I do need you two, too!!

    And seriously, that recipe is so good. I think, actually, I've made it before, it tasted so familiar. And I'm debating iPhone vs. my brand-new Droid 2. Eric just suggested I check it out and switch if I want (I've only had the Droid since November) but your post reminded me of why I probably won't make the switch. I love having email at the hand, it's already saved me from many last minute game time/field switches but enough is probably enough.

  9. It is so funny what you wrote about the IPhone, I feel the exact same way!
    Love those heart brownies!!