Thursday, June 20, 2013

c'est l'ete!! {it is summer!}..and an award

oh is life busy right now.
4 kids home on summer holiday..
steve's been at the paris air show..
father's day
and lots of planning and preparation
for our summer ahead.

it is such a bittersweet time in our lives.
we are so excited to be going "home"
to the states for the summer...
but it's been emotional
saying goodbye to friends
we've made this past year.
a year that has gone by 
much too fast.
some friends are leaving 
paris for good..
some just for the summer.

sunday was a beautiful day
here in paris and it being fathers day..
we packed a picnic and the 
entire family in the car
and headed to versailles.
it was a lovely way to celebrate
the funny, handsome,
hardworking, selfless
and incredibly smart father of my kids.

your family loves you steve!

yesterday griffy turned 4!
he is into all things
toy story right now
and spider man.

happy birthday my little man.
we love you so.

and yesterday i met for the first time
a friend i've known for over 4 years.
catie and her daughter 
were here in paris on a school trip.
they carved out a few hours yesterday
to have lunch with griffy and hannah and i.
it was such a treat to spend time
with catie..
and see her in person!
i just love her and her daughter! 

the kids and i fly to boston.
we will stay in boston for the week..
we all have doctors and dentist 
and we will visit some friends.
and then we head to the vineyard 
for most of the summer!

au revoir!!

Veronique gave me this award recently..
thank you veronique!
i didn't even know what a liebster award was. :)

i have to tell 11 things about me.

here goes.

11 things about me.

1. i never finished college.
i went for a year after high
school and never returned.

2. instead of going to college..
i lived in the florida keys and 
st. thomas

3. i would rather have a 
second (or third) helping of dinner
than dessert.

4. i would rather see a play
or read a book
than go to the movies.

5. but one of my favorite
all time movies is
Dan In Real Life
with Steve Carell.

6. a perfect day
would include a big
bowl of buttery, salty
mashed potatoes.

7. i am deathly afraid
of driving in paris
and have no plan on doing so.

8. a coffee table stacked 
with books and flowers
and candles makes me happy.

9. i'm a pretty good dancer.
and so is steve.
the two of us can 
pretty much cut any rug.

10. i think the world would
be a better place without guns.

11. i believe any problem can be solved
over a pretty glass of champagne.

11 questions answered..

1. If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, alive or dead,  real or fictional,
who would it be and why?

probably any one of my ancestors.
i love genealogy and would be interested
in learning more about my own history.

2. Name your favorite restaurant..

if i had to choose it would be 
legal seafoods in boston.
clam chowder,
lobster roll
glass of white wine.

3. What makes you smile more quickly than anything else?

right now it's the way griffy says his name...

4. The best quality in a human being?


5. What infuriates you more than anything else?

right now..
having a difficult time communicating
in french.

6. If you had to live in any other period in history,
where would it be and why?

with out a doubt..
1920's paris.
the clothes!
the parties!
the music!
the hemingway's 
and the fitgeralds!!

7. What would be your dream job?

well..i have my dream job.
but if it had to be something else..
probably jenna lyons' job 
at j.crew.

8. If you could live anywhere in the world,
where would that be?

other than paris????
i could live in london.
but lately..the talk is singapore.

9.What movie or tv show do you hate
that everyone loves?

ditto to what veronique said.
any reality show.
get them all off the air.
stupid. stupid.stupid.

10. Who is your favorite author?

Jane Austen.

11.  Favorite quote?

"We are tied to the ocean.
And when we go back to the sea,
whether it is to sail or to watch-we are going
back from whence we came.

and now i get to give out 5 awards!
to bloggers with less than 200 readers.

1. my friend catie
she is creative
and funny
and loves tea and scones
and baby ducks.
go visit her.

2. Cat at Sunday Brocantes...
just moved into a gorgeous farmhouse
in France.
i'm still going back and reading
her blog to learn more
about her life in france.
love her!

3. my friend dawn
she is stylish
and fun
and has a beautiful family.
she has just started a new 
business too..
go visit her!

4. Nicola new friend 
here in paris.
still waiting for her to teach
me to sew.

5. amy ...
i've known amy for
15 years..
we've met once.
when we met,
she had 3 kids and one
on the way.
now she has 10 kids 
and one on the way!
she homeschools
her children
and is an amazing mom.


  1. Congratulations Pam! You deserve the Liebster Award! Great job at accepting it too :-) Have a fabulous summer in the US. I will be keeping an eye on Paris while you are gone. Heading home next week...

  2. Congratulations, Pam!! And happy birthday Dwiffy!! That's so cute.... I still remember the cute words that my son used to say when he was young. Singapore, huh?? Safe travels and have a wonderful summer! xo

  3. Pam,

    Congratulations on your Leibster Award, I always love learning more about favorite bloggers. I too am a Jane Austen fan, and I have a book that you may of may not have read to recommend. "The Lost Memoirs of JAne Austen." by Syrie James.

    I hope that you have a fabulous summer visiting friends and family.

    Take care be safe and Happy Birthday to your little one.


  4. Congratulations Pam, on your Award and was great to discover your blog.
    It must be wonderful living in Paris with your family - We have visited twice once in summer for my 50th birthday and then again in the winter for our 25th wedding anniversary, both times, very memorable.

    Wishing you and your family a safe and wonderful summer holiday

  5. oh my gosh!
    i'm just reading along, and WHAM! i received an award!
    thank you, pam : )
    and hearing him say "dwiffy" really made me smile, too.
    hope you are basking in the glow of summer, american-style.
    what an amazing thing it was, to sip champagne with you in paris, with a view of the eiffel tower ♥

  6. Have a wonderful summer Pam! I hope you'll keep blogging over the summer!

  7. Your posts are AMAZING:) and they make me smile everytime I visit in here.

    Check out my blog....If you want to see a beautiful Swedish country styled house:)

    have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria at