Monday, June 17, 2013

Graduation and Uganda

stephen graduated from
high school on saturday
from the
American School of Paris.
i admit..
i get a little giddy
looking at his diploma..
that says,
Paris, France.

it was a lovely ceremony.
we had great seats.
griffy sat still for 
and the guest speaker
was my new friend..
the U.S. Ambassador to France.
he gave a terrific speech.
his words..
"the world owes you nothing..
you owe everything to the world"
was what stuck with me the most.
when he also said..
"by the your blog"..
that kind of stuck with me too.
no..he didn't say that during his speech..
but he did say it when we met again
at the reception following the graduation.

i had no idea that out of the 104 
graduates from ASP..
31 countries were represented.
how cool is that?

following the graduation and reception
steve and i took stephen 
out to dinner to celebrate.
we had such a nice evening.
talking about his past and his future.
and stephen talking about how 
embarrassed he was watching me bawl my 
eyes out at the graduation.

14 more years buddy.
i wonder where you'll graduate from??

it was a wonderful and emotional
we are so proud of you stephen.

my friend kimberly 
is hosting an auction
on her blog
right now!
many of her generous friends
have donated gorgeous things
to help raise money
to furnish a home
in africa that kim's mom
kim is going to uganda next month.

i just adore what kim and her mom 
are doing.

please consider bidding on
some of these beautiful things
on kim's blog!! 



  1. Congratulations to your son!! You are lucky to have a little one to keep you busy - my youngest graduated last year and so now my blog and my writing are my "empty nest" baby!

    I just discovered your blog and am enjoying catching up - you are so lucky to live in Paris!!

  2. By the time Griffy graduates, you'll really be bawling!

  3. Congratulations to your son and of course you and your husband too!

  4. When I enrolled my children in College La Bussie in Vaureal, France, the principal told me there were 36 nationalities there, and we were the 37th. It was not a large community either!

  5. Congrats to Stephen.
    I have a friend my age...who graduated from an International High School in Paris. We went on a girlfriend trip to Paris a few years ago....She not only spoke French for us...but took us to places of her youth.

  6. Hearty congratulations to Stephen and to Mom and Dad for providing such a wonderful opportunity. I think sometimes we need to pat ourselves on the back too...if anything to assure ourselves that we are not crazy! Your little one is so handsome...what a beautiful family you have Pam. I loved looking at your recent much fun! I hope your daughter is better. Now the fun begins for! USA bound?

  7. Wow, what an amazing story Stephen has! Congrats to all of you for taking this adventure and making the most of it!