Tuesday, June 11, 2013

You Are So Lucky

we hear this a lot.
and yes we are.
luck didn't get us here.
we didn't win some
move to paris lottery.

it was nothing less than
very hard work that
landed us here.

the day after steve
and i were married
we were driving from
our homes on cape cod
 to ft. rucker alabama
for steve to start flight school.
as soon as we arrived
he was put in "lock down"
and i couldn't see him 
for a month.

i was alone,
in a new state,
newly married.
i unpacked our boxes
and wedding gifts
and cooked and baked.
i missed him
but i didn't mind.
i was a happy, young wife
and i loved our new life.

when he returned home,
he locked him self up
and studied hard.
i cooked and baked
and got pregnant.
i was happy.
i would cook dinner
for all of his single friends
and i loved it.
i would bring steve dinner
in his study room.
and man do i wish i had a picture 
of that room!
steve took a big old box and 
turned it into a helicopter!
he drew all the flight controls
and buttons and switches.

and he graduated number one 
from his flight school.
which meant we got to pick where
we wanted to be stationed.
we chose germany.

fast forward 18 years later
and here we are.

when i thank steve for
working so hard for 
giving us this great life..
he thanks me too.
i've worked just as hard.
while he has been off
climbing that ladder
to get where he is today
in his career..
i've been home
raising children
and keeping a home.
many different  homes.
and i wouldn't have it
any other way.

i love our life.
we ARE lucky to call
paris our home right now..
but it was a lot hard work getting here.

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  1. I'm totally annoyed by "you're so lucky" too. Glad you were wise enough to marry a hard worker with similar values and are a hard worker yourself.

  2. i would use the word "blessed"! your description of your life together with steve is what a marriage should be. you grow together...eyes, hearts, and minds in the same direction. you always keep it "real" pam. that's why i love your blog. xoxo fanci

  3. Oh, how you made my day! I love the quote..."the harder i work, the luckier i get!"
    (It's amazing, that when I discovered your blog, I felt a little connection.)
    My husband attended air traffic control school at Ft Rucker. We lived in a little one bedroom apartment in Ozark. We celebrated 40 years of marriage in May. (I am most likely old enough to be your mom!) We have raised two children who are now adults, ages 29 and 30, each college educated with an amazing work ethic! When people tell me that I am lucky, I always say "No________,it took years of love, sweat and tears!" (The entitlement mentality that has consumed America is breaking my heart.)
    The best of blessings to you and your family.

    oh...that camera bag!

  4. Love that story! We are on the cusp of change ourselves and someone said something about us being lucky. Yes, feel lucky. But, we were married ten years ago with two of us starting new businesses. We had months where we were stressed about paying salaries to employees, expenses for businesses. We never paid a single bill late which we are proud of! At the same time we had a house that needed major renovations. We spent many a Saturday night working on our house. Now we have two businesses that are beyond the success we dreamed of. We have two sweet children, a house that we love and have been able to travel. We are blessed. But, we worked hard for our blessings! Luck didn't get us here. Hard work did. I love that feeling too!!!

  5. Beautiful story that puts a lot in perspective. All things in life come at a cost and with choices. :) You have made many of the right ones - some sounded hard - but it put you where you are today. Smart lady! Smart choices! (Starting with Steve!) :)
    Love you Sweetie,
    And yes, stunning bag! :)

  6. Awww <3 We hear "it's easy for you" ALOT. Everyday. Pregnancy is "easy", raising kids is "easy", homeschooling is "easy". Um, no. Jesse was top in his class at U of M and has a decent job but drives an old banger car that will die any day and has no a/c and one window that doesn't open, LOL. We live pay check to paycheck and barely make it at that. The only time we can eat out or go on a trip is when my parents pay for it. It's hard. All of it. But I think it makes people feel better to say "it's easy for so and so" or "this person is lucky" for some reason. I'm not sure why. I remember how much you sacrificed and how hard you worked. I envied your ability to be such an amazing wife and mother and I still do. I must say that some days I look at your pics and I'm jealous of where you are but not of how you got there b/c I know it was TOUGH. I don't think I could do it. God bless you, Pam. You're an amazing woman and an amazing friend.

  7. Yes! You and your guy have put in a lot of blood, sweat, tears and love to have the life you have. May you continue to receive blessings that come from all of your hard work. You are amazing, Pam. I don't know how you do it all, but you do it with such class and grace. Love you! xo

  8. Love this post Pam. I think it would be miserable to still be an adult thinking everyone else only got to where they are by something called luck. How hopeless and helpless. Yuck. Life is about working hard to get to where you want to be, and appreciating the rewards of that hard work all the while, as you do. Hope your summer is going well!

  9. I have been a lurker for quite some time now. Reading over every post you write and enjoying them so! Thank you for sharing! I especially love this post as I am pregnant with my first child and I just had a conversation with my husband the other night about where we are in life. I am a deep thinker and can't help but think about all things family related right now. He was telling me to slow down as I was already talking about how we're going to raise our child up. I told him, he goes to a job everyday that he loves and works so hard. It is a family business and he is always thinking about work. I told him I'm constantly thinking about our family because that is my job. I so appreciate your perspective that you have put in all the hard work as well. How true. Congratulations on all of your hard work and your husband's as well. I would say you're blessed and rightfully so!

  10. I could not agree more!
    We feel the same way Pam.
    Many of our friends and family call us lucky, but we have worked hard to get where we are now.
    We all control our destiny with the choices we make and how we live our lives.
    You deserve it, because you were able to dream big, and put things into action!

  11. Hi Pam, this is what I want to say to you; YOU ARE LUCKY! own it; it's a wonderful gift....because at a young age you recognized your destiny and your husband did too and with out hesitation you both paved out a life together but more than that an actual path...that is something grand...I love Seneca's quote about luck:

    “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”
    ― Lucius Annaeus Seneca

    See it puts things in perspective.....

    Enjoy your weekend and congrats to your graduate!

    Thank you for posting ...I do love your blog!