Friday, June 14, 2013

The Prom in Paris

oh do these kids know 
how lucky they are?
didn't i just write about
well..i guess when you're
born into this..
then i would say you're
pretty darn lucky!

the american school of paris'
prom was last night.
stephen went with a lovely girl.
some kids go with dates
and others go as a group..
i like that.

prior to the traditional prom pics
at trocadero..
we were invited to the u.s ambassador
to france's home for champagne and 
hor 'dourves.
stephen is graduating with their 
daughter on saturday.
what a treat to meet 
ambassador charles rivkin!
we talked a lot about 
our kids and graduating 
and our time here in paris.
he asked where we were from
in the states and when i told him
boston he was so sorry to hear about
the recent bombings there.

stephen and a few of his
friends inside the mansion.

the weather cleared so we 
were able to head outside in
the ambassador's garden for some 
(and fog on my lens...big bummer)

into the hummer limo
and off to trocadero for more

stephen has such a great 
group of friends here.

today is the last day of school!
waiting for the kids to get home
and we're headed to 
jardin d'acclimation!
tomorrow is graduation!
it will be a fun and emotional
weekend for sure.

bon weekend!


  1. Wow. You DO get around! What a special time! You looked so cute and he looked perfect! But of course he did - he has his mom's style gene. :)

  2. I still think it is so amazing that Stephen was willing to leave the states his senior year. No regrets I am sure!
    I'm sure he will never forget prom night or his senior year in Paris!

  3. Wow...what a post! Stephen looked so grown up and what a pretty date...fabulous dress!

    We were invited the the American Ambassadors resident for a cocktail party when we lived in the Netherlands. I was so excited to be there...Hope you are having a wonderful weekend....Janey

  4. Bonjour Pam. It was fun for me to see "la Prom." You have a very handsome son. I am so happy he has acclimated to French life so fast. As a mom, you must feel great about that.

    I have just nominated you for the Liebster Blogger Award. Come chez moi for details. Félicitations seem de rigueur. Bon weekend!

    Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  5. That is a fantastic photo, I see a couple of energetic smiles that are saying that they understand how lucky they are. Actions speak louder than words and so do smiles. It sounds like a great opportunity to meet the American ambassador to France. Congratulations to everyone who is graduating.