Thursday, August 8, 2013

martha's vineyard campground

we decided to stay here on
the vineyard for a few more weeks.
steve flew to the island
last saturday and  we moved out of 
our little cottage and into
this one!
it's located in the campground
and it's the sweetest little cottage.

all 4 kids sleep in this room!
there is a double bed on 
the opposite wall where
hannah and griff sleep.

here are a few more
of the gingerbread cottages
in the campground

the tabernacle..
located in the middle of the
not only hosts religious services..
but family movie nights, art shows,
children's plays, flea markets,
sing alongs and so much more.

we are loving being here!


  1. Well, how adorable is this little area?
    Glad you extended your stay.

  2. 100% adorable.
    oh, to be your kids : )

  3. Oh my gosh how cute are all those little houses? It's like you get to live out that childhood dream of living in the dollhouse. Or at least that would be the case for me!

  4. That looks like such a beautiful and fun place to be. Glad you are enjoying your time there. I want to live in one of those little cabins!


  5. is this for real?? what a wonderful way to end your summer..xo

  6. Oh my goodness ...
    that place is magical ... I so want to stay there

    Melbourne, Australia

  7. Looks so sweet. Enjoy your time on the Island!

  8. When do you head back to Paris? When does school start in France? We start late this year Sept. 9th.

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  10. Lovely little abode! Did you enjoy the island? My family and I get one of those classic Martha's Vineyard Vacation Rentals every summer (you know the ones with the wood shingles) and I honestly don't think there is a better place in the world. I mean between the food, beach, and people what else could you ask for?