Monday, August 26, 2013

A' la rentree'

oh it's so good to be back in paris!
as much as i LOVED being back 
home in the states..
with our family and friends 
and the beach and no cooking..
and on and on..
i am happy to be back home.

the streets are quiet..
many cafe's and stores are closed.

i think the french way of life
is wonderful.
steve talked today about 
some of his colleagues
returning from holiday.
not only do they take 
or 5
weeks off..
but then they come into work
and just want to talk about their vacation.
A' la rentree'  is a slow process...
i am learning that as i write.
my mind is still on vacation..
but physically i am back in the real world.

wednesday starts the new school year 
for the kids here at 
Stephen..graduated this past June and 
is doing a post-grad year here.
i can't tell you how happy i am 
that he is here with us 
for another year.
hannah is going into 10th grade
and will is entering 6th.
griffy and i will be solo.
griffy is not attending preschool.
he's not ready 
and i'm not either.

this was the view from my
balcony this evening.
gorgeous paris sky.


  1. Welcome home! So happy you are enjoying the French way of life! A reader got all miffed at me on my blog's Facebook page yesterday, when I suggested many American and British expats do too. Apparently, she was not convinced... :-) Bonne chance pour la Rentrée. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Welcome home. Glad to hear Stephen will be with you another year. I'm sure it is too hard to leave after just settling in.

  3. How wonderful that Stephan is going to be home another year. I think that option would be just what my Drew could use. One more year to figure out what he wants to do with the rest of his life...

    Hope the transition is smooth for everyone!

  4. just a guess, but i'm betting the french need less therapy.
    lucky you, to be at home on martha's vineyard as well as in your paris flat.
    welcome home ♥

  5. I have enjoyed your summer entries...and am looking forward to your continued discoveries in the city of light. Enjoy the quieter time in Paris (minus a few tourist). Janey