Wednesday, September 4, 2013

city living

we have been blessed with
beautiful weather here in paris.
last weekend we strolled
through the jardin du luxemourg.
for a while you forget you're
in the city.
 the trees, the flowers,
the fountains, the playgrounds,
the pony rides and tennis courts
suppress the heavy noises
that come with living in a city.

living in a city,
in an apartment
with children
can have it's challenges.
the older kids are able
to get out and around without
i'm amazed at how quickly
stephen and hannah have adjusted
to living here.
taking the metro, 
the bus..
finding their way around.
but, the younger ones
of course
still need me to get out there
with them.

 at the same time..
living in a city is exciting!
there is always something to do.
a new place to see or visit.
a new cafe to try.
we've been here in paris
for a year already
and although i feel like 
it's home..
i still feel like a tourist.
and now that the older kids
are back to school..
i've been making lists of 
places to go this fall with griffy.

we've also been talking about
where we'll go next.
will we stay overseas?
will we return to our old town?
live in the city in boston?
a different state?

i wonder where we'll be.


  1. One day when Griffy is all grown up, he will look at this photo and think, "When I was little, I used to ride my scooter on the sidewalks of Paris." How cool will that be ?? I love that you're open to all the possibilities for your future. I will look forward to seeing where your life takes you...

  2. i'm loving that hannah is skateboarding these days!

  3. Love the picture of the scooter and the skateboard! Wherever you'll be one day... you'll make it "home" with all that good cooking and decorating that you do!