Monday, September 9, 2013


first of all 
there is something wrong
with my iphone camera.
 lots of blurry pics
coming your way.

this morning we dropped
will off at the train station.
he is on his way to
Savoie with his 6th grade
class for the week!
camping, hiking, 
kayaking..and completely
phones, ipods, etc
are not allowed on the trip.
i do love that.
however, the down side
is that there is no contact
at all with him all week.
i do have a hard time with that.
he went to brittany last year
and we made it just fine..
but it makes me sad to think
i can't say good night to him 
each night.
i'm looking forward to friday
but i'm sure it will be a fantastic
trip for will!

of course i had griffy with me
at the train station..
which sparked a conversation
with my french friend who was also
dropping her 6th grader off.
she can't believe griffin isn't in school.
she thinks i'm crazy.
she feels that not only is griffin
suffering, but that i am too!
this past weekend while at the playground
i met a french woman who
called me selfish for not putting him
in school!
i just laugh.

i chopped off my hair this
i love it.
so easy.

flea marketing yesterday!
oh i bought some great things!
this week i'll be adding them to my
etsy shop..
and if they don't sell..
well, that's ok.
cuz i'll keep them for myself!

i will pick the winner
tonight and post it tomorrow!
happy monday friends!


  1. Hair looks fab Pam...the photo gives off enough to see that it is a great style. Just what you need to kick off September.

    School trips...I have been there so often and I have never seen an unhappy face on the return trip. He looks happy going... I take that as a good sign!

    Remind me...I think Griffin is four? If so, I am with you..

    Etsy Shop..where have I been? I missed this one. Looking forward to seeing more. :)

    Have a good one Pam! xx

    PS..when my iphone photos get like that, I take out my eyeglass cloth and clean the lens. Might help...

  2. Your hair looks great! And, it is fun to change things up, now and again.
    You are not crazy about Griffin's time. That was rather rude. You are his mother, for goodness sakes! My youngest barely went to preschool. We had a great time of it. Glad you just laughed and went on.
    I love your flea marketing images. Will be fun to see what you list in your shop!

  3. Pam, your hair looks fabulous! I love it.

    As for Griffin, the French think differently that we do. As you say, just laugh it off and enjoy your time.

  4. Your "friend" needs to read the classic "Better Late Than Early" by the Moores. Little boys typically lag behind anyway, and pre-school can so often start them on a course of burn-out. So I'm with you, Mama!

  5. Your hair is so pretty. I am jealous of the shopping you are exposed to in Paris....I think that I would come home every day with some treasure or handful of fresh you?