Monday, September 30, 2013

Books, Tea and Friends

boy the weekends
sure do fly.
friday steve came home
from work early to take
me to pick up my carte de sejour...
i had to replace mine when my wallet
was stolen last spring.
you just wouldn't believe the process
to get a new one.
(welcome to france)
later we went out to dinner as a family
to our favorite chinese food restaurant.

saturday hannah volunteered at the school
with the romania club that she belongs to.
steve took will to baseball out in the suburbs..
he helps coach.
 sunday was lazy day
and a visit to a college fair with stephen.
knee deep in college applications over here.

i was in the kitchen making soups
and ratatouille..
and here it is monday again.

i've added to my persephone book
collection recently and can't wait to 
start it!
They Were Sisters
by Dorothy Whipple.
oh how i love these persephone books!

i just finished this book.
thank you jeanne at collage of life
for recommending it! 
this is a book i will re-read.
 jeanne is a fellow ex-pat 
currently living in vietnam.
please go read her blog if you don't already.
and link up to her new
bowerbirds creative network of friends!
i did!

griffy's favorite book right now.
like griffin,
grendel loves his chocolate.

books and tea.
two of my favorite things.
is kusmi tea available in the states?
i can't recall.
it's my go to tea now.
i'll try anything that comes in a 
tin that pretty.

and if you don't read 
vicki archer's blog
do yourself a favor and go..
i found vicki last year
when we first moved to paris.
i immediately bought both of
her books that now grace my
coffee table.
today vicki is hosting the most 
amazing giveaway on her blog.
a weeks stay in her beautiful
le petit bijou
in st. remy de provence.
i die!!!

happy monday friends!


  1. My fellow bowerbird friend...thank you! So glad you enjoyed the book, I am still working on it. I squeezed in two books for my bookclub and once I finish Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie I will hop on back to it. So far I have been to Spain, South Africa and Nairobi and I haven't left the country!

    Ratatouille is one of my favourites..unfortunately, I am the only one who feels that way in my family. It makes for a lot of ratatouille!

    We have Kusmi tea in Saigon, hooray, now I will go and try it.

    Vicki is fab on paper and in person. You will have to meet her one day, I am sure you will connect.

    Lucky Griff...I like chocolate too.

    Persephone...great books, I gave my mother-in-law the collection for Christmas last year. She loved them all. Makes a great gift if you are looking for something special. Check out the website. It was a win-win for me as she brought all of them with her on her last trip to Saigon for me to read.

    Happy to you Pam for a wonderful week!

    Jeanne xx

  2. I have never heard of Kusmi Tea, so don't know if we have it in the states, but you are right, the tins are so pretty!
    I just finished "The Last Letter from Your Lover" by Jojo Moyes (thanks so much for introducing me to this author) I LOVED this book. I think it is my favorite from the 3.
    Let me know about "They Were Sisters".
    And, I'm going to check out Jeanne's blog.
    So much goodness in this post Pam!

  3. Weekends do go by so quickly!
    I just love to read your posts. Your writing is so friendly and conversational.
    I am reading more for pleasure, because you keep luring me in with your recommendations and enthusiasm. It is great to have my bedside table and favorite chair loaded up with books again!
    I have never seen your tea. Pretty tins! I love my Tazo tea. Just a paper box.
    Have a beautiful week!

  4. my weekend went by in a flash too!
    well i love the kusmi tea tins!! i looked it up and it is available on you have a fave??
    I love harney and sons tins too :)
    i just finished the atonement...loved it...must watch the movie now!
    i still have miss buncles book from persephone that i need to read

  5. Thank you so much for the shout out, Pam... and we will have to meet one day... with Jeanne... xv