Tuesday, September 24, 2013


on sunday we decided to get
out of the city for the day.
we drove out to fontainebleau
to visit the chateau.

before we even got to the chateau,
we (ok me) got distracted by
the brocante that was being held
right in the village center.

the kids rode the carousel
twice while i shopped.

oh i wanted those HEAVY urns.
but a few of the kids would
have had to walk home.
the wooden box with the leather
that came home with me. :)

and maybe one of those
wire egg baskets.

the village streets were lined
with these fabulously decorated
street lamps.

after a delicious lunch
of croque monsieur's,
cote's de provence 
and hot dogs and frites for 
the kids..
we finally made it over to the chateau.

it was a lovely way to spend
our sunday.

i love my new egg basket..

and my wine crate..
(although i just might take
a bit of sandpaper to the 

dinner last night.
chicken tarragon.
i will post the recipe
on my other blog
and easy.

neighbors across the street..
paris rooftops at dusk.
a year later and i'm still
in awe.


  1. Sighhhh, I LOVED looking through your photos of Paris in the fall!! And that wood wine crate is just perfection. I'm so glad you took it home with you! xo

  2. GAHHH...that wooden crate!!! Amazing...what a day Pam!! Love the egg baske too :)

  3. What a perfect afternoon! I love the wine crate and egg basket, too. It is fun to see where they landed in your home.

  4. First of all...that first photo of you and the kids...you must frame that one! Love it!!

    Second...Griffy on the airplane...adorable!

    Third I would love a croque monsieur!!

  5. OMG Pam, I'm in awe of all of your posts! I just can't even imagine. Is Griffin getting used to it now?

  6. you're killing me with your wine crate.
    weathered wood, leather handles, brass tacks - dang.
    let's just say, my sunday was different than this.

  7. What a wonderful day! Love your new basket.

  8. I don't know how you exercise restraint at those sales. That file with the metal drawers would have been MINE!!!!

  9. What a wonderful experience for you and your children! Your basket and wine crate make lovely vignettes in your home!

  10. No doubt about it...my kind of shopper! Love this post Pam, the photo of you and your children is so sweet, a keeper! You are going to treasure these times and all the wonderful items you collect in your journey. I say fill your home to the brim..you will treasure when you are settled back in the USA one day. :) So glad you linked it...welcome to Bowerbird Friends! :) xx

  11. That wine crate is incredible!!! So glad you brought it home with you.