Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Corners of my home

we've had stomach bugs
and colds
and water leaks
and no hot water.
we are back to our
school routines
and steve's hectic work
griffin and i spend our days
at cafe's
playing games
practicing our 
and our
i'm making soups
and breaking out the scarves.
summer is a total blur.

i know i've talked about
jeanne  before.
i've taken some of her online courses..
bought one of her awesome camera bags..
and now she's doing a fall house tour.
i'm in love with her decorating.
she's inspired me to get going 
on my flat here in paris.
i've mentioned that we didn't bring our
furniture with us here.
i miss my things..
but i'm also leaning towards
french country decorating.
in our old homes i used lots of color..
reds, black, teal..
and lots of pattern.
here in paris
i'm drawn to 
whites, french blues and greys
and of course anything linen.

i'm trying to incorporate
my new love of french linens
with my existing decor.

i love my new french linen pillows!
and so glad you're feeling better buddy. 

i've always had lots of color 
in my kitchens.
and now i have an obsession
with vintage french ironstone.
maybe i need two kitchens?

i love my vintage french mustard jars.

here is a little peek into my flat..

i love a stocked bar.
and i'm loving my new linen napkins too!

my bedside table.

"the dancer"
hanging in my bedroom.

some of my favorite shoes
and books in the fireplace.

hannah's room..
"cape cod girls they have no combs,
they brush their hair with codfish bones"
love that.

more of hannah's art work
and cutout designs.

griff's growing eiffel tower collection

lovely hole in our ceiling.

fading flowers in vintage mustard jars
on my desk.

paris books and more 
mustard jars on my desk.

have a great day!

BETH..who won the yogurt cups!
can you email me your address again??
it was deleted by accident!


  1. Your home is beautiful. I love the clean but inviting feeling of it!
    I enjoy my visits to your blog.

  2. So awesome! You have excellent taste!

  3. Glad you are all feeling better. The flu is the pits.
    Your home in Paris is wonderful. It feels so warm and comfortable. Beautiful.
    Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  4. enjoyed seeing the peeks into your pretty.....

  5. Okay Pam, I've been on and off your post all day; it's about time I finally leave a comment! I adore your decorating and your style! Seriously, if you lived in MA still I'd be begging you to come to CT to help me do that kind of look to my house! I adore your night stand, the round tables, the fabric, the books, the placement of furniture, the bowls in the kitchen. Did I already say you have such style!? Anyway, I kept looking at your post and walking around my house today... moving a vase here, pulling out all of my table cloths and fabric and trying it everywhere, digging for pretty bowls, putting jewelry in dishes... did I already say I love your style? :) Okay, so some of it worked, but not that much. But let me just say that I am super inspired by your house posts (and well all of them) But I love your ideas and how you use things around your house. Anyway, I'm rambling, but a huge thank you for helping me see my vases, dishes, candles, and fabric around my house in a new light! :) Your blog rocks! ~tara

  6. Love the flat, love your evolving style, LOVE the mustard jars!!!!! I hope you put some of those in your etsy shop. Is it open yet?? xoxo

  7. Sometimes we want to change our style, and sometimes we are forced due to circumstances. You are embracing it well. Love those linen pillows too!