Thursday, September 5, 2013


will turned 11 over
the summer while
we were on the vineyard.
we had a great day!
although steve was back in 
paris and sure was missed.

our day
started out with a trip
to the candy store.

and the book store
and the game room.

we celebrated later
that night at my moms
with cake and cousins
and presents.

it was a great day
honoring one of my
favorite people.

here he is just a few 
days old..
at our house in
chadds ford pa.

will had never jumped
the bridge before
and thought he'd do 
it for his birthday.
so proud of you buddy!

a few things about will..
he loves mitt!
he loves baseball
and video games
and cheeseburgers.
he listens to all kinds of music
and has a great laugh.
we call him random will.
during a family discussion
he will blurt out some random
everyone is quiet,
contemplating what he just said
 and then
we burst out laughing.

i am so proud of how will
has adjusted to life here in france.
he makes friends easily and his french
accent is awesome!

we love you will!
i bet being 11 is going
to be great!


  1. yay, will! happy eleventh birthday! ♥

  2. He is such a cutie pie!
    Happy Belated Birthday Will!

  3. Now, I can leave for the office! My heart is full!
    Happy birthday, Will!
    I loved the stories about the family on vineyard this summer, Pam.
    We connect in so many ways!

  4. Happy Birthday adorable Will. I think you're going to love being 11 too!