Sunday, September 22, 2013

Le Marais

 griffy and i walked 
around le marais.
we usually go for 
falafel on sundays
in the marais but 
i wanted to see more.

here is what i wore 
because hey..
this is paris and fashion
is important.

black oxfords..clarks in london!
black body
black sweater..j.crew
scarf/jean jacket...h&m
camera bag...jeanne oliver

griff and i took the metro to bastille.

(had the zoom lens and was too 
lazy to switch)

being the new england girl that i am,
i'm loving paris in the fall.
cool temps and the foliage
make me feel right at home.

like so many..
i have a thing for paris rooftops.

she's fixing her lipstick

we walked through 
the 17th century place des Vosges..
one of the city's loveliest squares.
galleries, cafe's, high end shops 
and the home of victor hugo.

quick ice cream break...

bookstore at hotel sully.
we bought this one..
similar to "where's waldo"
but instead..
where's theo in paris!

a pretty little hidden square,
place du marche' st. catherine.
outdoor cafe's galore..

old sign
new shop
love this about paris..

i'll end with 
a perfect paris door.
color and texture..
and love le marais.


  1. So amazing. I love your posts. I can't believe how big Griffin has gotten!

  2. Beautiful photos!! Love your style of photography!! Just recently started following your blog - enjoying it a lot! I'm down in Bordeaux - also American...went to college in New England but Western New Yorker by upbringing!!

  3. Amazing pictures! Including the one of you!

  4. ◄-l-o-v-e-►
    and i want every single one of those children's books!

  5. Great Post. you look perfect for your,outing! Wow, that door is beautiful...and Griffy is darling.

  6. I love this. I really want to visit Paris. Griffy is adorable!

  7. The images are beautiful, Pam. Love that you shared Victor Hugo's home. We visited his home in 1996. My daughter was 12. We took her to see Les Mis in London on the way home.

  8. fun to catch up a little Pam! that door was gorgeous! I have a thing for cool doors. Took lots of pics when I was in Italy.