Friday, October 4, 2013

Our Paris Playground

the weather here in paris
has been amazing! 
we had a good ol' fashion
thunderstorm last night as 
we slept..which j'adore!!

so there are a few playgrounds
here in our neighborhood..
but our favorite place to go is 
the champs de mars..
right under the eiffel tower.
sometimes we pack a little lunch
or we grab a bite there.
we bring the soccer ball
and sometimes some books.
i think next time we go i'll 
pack a little watercolor set
for us to paint!

after kicking the soccer ball
around a while
we lied down on the grass
and just looked up in awe at 
the eiffel tower.
griffin said..
"mom, isn't it beautiful?"

a few weeks ago
we were at a playground 
close to home.
a french woman sitting next
to us started chatting with us.
asking the usual questions..
what brings you here?
how old is griffin?
where does he go to school?
and when i replied that he didn't 
go to school yet..
she told me i was selfish.

i know keeping griffin 
out of preschool is not 
the french way. 
i don't care.
he's not ready.
i'm not ready.
i'm tired of explaining
to complete strangers,
friends and family
why he is not in school.
my goodness!
he's 4!

i love our playground!

in my french kitchen lately..
lots of soups.
this is the beginning of
a leek and potato.

total comfort food!

and lazy day sunday casserole
(made on a wednesday)
found on pinterest.

trying my hand at a little mixed media
journal covering.
i am the furthest thing
from an artist.
i have the worst handwriting,
can't draw a stick figure.
but this type of art
(that i learned from jeanne oliver ..
her online workshops are so great!)
anyone can do!
it's fun!

bon weekend friends!


  1. Sorry about the nosy french women! But I applaud your ability to go with what you know is right for you and Griffy! His beautiful comment made me smile, because last year was really hard with him, right?!? Enjoy every minute you have with your baby at home!

  2. i want to bring lucy to your playground!! funny how the french are so intense on early school...i think the most wonderful thing is enjoying and exposing him to lots of fun right now while he's 4...all of sudden its next year and he's in school!
    potato and leek soup sound amazining...curious, do you have to do a menu for the week or a few days at a time, since you go to the market or do you just fly by the seat of your pants :) I have been awful with dinner menus, and must regroup!! bon weekend..xo

  3. A mum knows the best thing for her child - anyone else just has an opinion. Enjoy the wonderful time with your 4 year old, it goes in the blink of an eye. He is a cutie.

  4. looks like maybe you ARE an artist, pam!
    i'm so glad it sounds like mr. g is warming up to paris.
    maybe you should keep a list of his paris loves ~ eiffel tower, pain au chocolat, chocolat chaud...

  5. I love when I read your posts-the pictures are always so beautiful. You may be hard on my wallet, though, because I'm always buying books you've mentioned!

  6. It is funny how complete strangers feel they have the right to comment on whether or not your child is in pre-school. I agree with the posters above, you know what is best for your son. The time spent with you will give him extra confidence for next year.

  7. I think the cache version isn´t available any more... such a pity home care
    servIce in our socity.
    was really looking forward to read it, I just founded this today...
    I´ve been obssesing about this series...haha

  8. My mother taught me...if you can't say something nice...say nothing at all. So I will say nothing about the French lady.
    Oh to be able to gaze up at the tower from the park below. You are a lucky gal!

  9. Love getting glimpses into your week Pam. Griffy is seeming happier with Paris, as Catie noted. Enjoy your days with him. It will go by fast.

  10. Hi know how I feel about playground talk..I would let the comments from the other mother go..far away. You have gorgeous Griffin at your footsteps and it is one of the most precious times as a parent. Take it from will be! Love that your cooking in the kitchen, I might have some music for you to go with that (new post). As for the mixed media rock! I love it...keep cutting, pasting,'s the best. BTW..if you get over to my Facebook Page for COL, look for the video interview with Charlotte Moss. She creates great scrapbooks...another form of mixed media. You could have a ball with your time in Paris... xxx

  11. Thanks for this taste of Paris, Pam! J'Adore looking at your photos of that gorgeous city, and reading about your beautiful family's life there. Nevermind those nosey strangers - you know what's best for your little guy! What a wonderful blog you have. :)

  12. I homeschooled mine so i had to deal with alot of rude comments. But mine are grown now and all honor students in University. The only thing is that i miss them :)