Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Old Town Marbella and the Markets

every saturday 
marbella hosts it's village market.
visiting the local market is such a great
way to learn about the place you
are visiting or living in.
wherever we travel
i try and find the local markets.

i wanted to bring home all 
of these gorgeous spices and herbs.
i did bring home some saffron..
and i'm excited to try making paella.

later in the week we went back
to old town marbella.
we knew we wanted to 
bring home some olive oil
and after a little research,
we found a place here.

this was such a gorgeous
little town to stroll around in.

we finally did find
the olive oil shop
and were able to try
it was hard to choose
and we ended up buying a 
few different ones..
as well as some sherry
and some gorgeous salts!

on our last evening
in spain we had dinner
outside in old town marbella.
i wanted to find a place
with paella and flamenco dancers.
we did see a flamenco dancer
but opted on a different restaurant.
i'm glad we did as
it was such a memorable meal.

sharing meals together is one
of my favorite parts of traveling as 
a family.
not only are we trying new things..
but, when we're here at home
it's rare that we get to eat 
steve travels frequently
and even when he isn't he's never
home for dinner.
every sunday we make it a point
to come together as a family
and have a nice dinner.
 but, when we travel,
we eat every meal together
and it's one thing that i cherish.


  1. I completely get what you mean about the dinner thing. I love that too about travel. We eat every meal together. The spice market is divine! Glad you got some saffron. I'm sure it is better than anything you could buy in a store!

  2. The vibrant colors everywhere are amazing!!! And for you all to be together in that beautiful place...just so wonderful!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!


    :) T

  3. i'm walking around town with you....such great photos pam! those colors all just POP! beautiful food, people, music, shops....i want to go soooooon! so glad you enjoyed special time with the entire family. xx

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