Saturday, October 12, 2013

Le Marais with Will

will and i went on a walking
tour of le marais with some of
his classmates.
i absolutely love learning
about the history of paris..
and of course it's always
nice to have some one on one
time with will.

these shutters were the most
gorgeous grey.
ok, so i love the history of paris..
but j'adore the architecture.

so of course as the tour guide
is talking about the french
i'm snapping pictures of rooftops
and cafe chairs.
thank goodness there is no quiz at the end!

i'm having an obsession
with tolix chairs lately.

i wanted to break away from
the group and shop..

these stone stoops were used
as a step stool to hop into your 
horse drawn carriage.

will used it to sit and rest.
i love your freckles buddy.

saint paul-saint louis church..
hanging clouds.

love the chandy

bonjour louis XIV

place des vosges
home of victor hugo.

ended our tour with 
a little late lunch at a cafe.
a great way to spend a saturday

bon weekend!


  1. Gorgeous view of your day. I am so glad i found my way to your blog via French Larkspur. I can tell it is going to be a favorite.

  2. I found you blog via French Larkspur. I believe she was fortunate to meet up with you on her latest trip to France. Delightful post and I'm thrilled to be a new follower.
    Mary Alice

  3. What a magical day!!!! Glad you got some special time with your sweet boy. I think it's interesting that they had a field trip on a Saturday. Do they typically have class on Saturday?
    I cannot say thank you enough for taking us on your journey!!!

  4. Oooo how fabulous! Thanks for taking us along the tour with you, these shots were awesome. I totally love the soldered windows, chippy shutters, and the detailed architecture!!! I very much wish these were all easier to find in a home here in the US for a reasonable price.


  5. Beautiful pictures from your day!

  6. Pam, your photos have always been lovely but I hope you don't mind my saying that they have really taken a big step forward!!! These are all so gorgeous it is crazy.