Sunday, October 27, 2013


on an overcast day 
we drove to gibraltar.
for me,
this was one of the 
highlights of the trip.
to travel to the top of the 
rock of gibraltar in the U.K..
look back towards spain
and out towards africa...
was just so very cool.

it took us about an hour 
to drive from our hotel to 
the border.
we parked and took the cable
car up to the top of the rock.
the wild monkeys were 
a huge hit.

hola africa!

back on the ground
we walked around the 
town of gibraltar.
i loved the mix of 
both english and spanish
seen throughout the town.

i love shutters.
especially chippy 
gorgeous blue/grey ones.

and shutters and wrought iron
are just lovely

we had a great day 
in gibraltar.
we went to an
english pub for 
fish and chips 
and pimm's!



  1. Your family is so sweet...I can just tell by the kindness in all your faces. Wow What an adventure!!! I can't believe you could see Africa. So cool. I love seeing other countries since I am afraid to fly, I can not travel far!

  2. Hey there - I haven't stopped in in a while...I have been catching up. Your kids are going to be all the more fabulous for all the places they've been and countries they have experienced. Such awesome opportunities!! All the pictures are so gorgeous too. Eye candy EVERYWHERE! Good luck with that apartment. Bad neighbors can ruin so many things!! :)

  3. When I saw you were posting about Gibraltar, I immediately thought of the monkeys! One of those crazy guys jumped on my mother-in-law when we were there, and I will NEVER forget that moment as long as I live!
    And the best fish and chips I ever had--even better than London!

  4. The balconies and shutters etc are of Genoese influence, not Spanish

    1. well thank you fussy fellows for pointing that out! i learn something new every day!

  5. That picture of Steve with the monkey is a hoot!!!
    I want me some green wrought iron--swoon!

  6. Love all the pictures Pam, it's all so beautiful! I think you have your Christmas card photo already!

  7. Gibraltar looks very cool! Great pics. I especially love the wild monkeys ~ I can see why they were a huge hit. I spotted Jeanne Oliver's camera bag ~ still wishing I had bought one!! I just came back from Spain as well. It is just beautiful ~ looking forward to going back again and perhaps I will plan on going to Gibraltar. Thanks for sharing! xx

  8. beyond words amazing that you can see Africa from there - what an amazing experience to gift your children with!