Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My New View???

we've had a lot going on 
in our flat.
so much that 
we're thinking of moving into 
i love our flat.
i love the details and the character
and the space and the location.
not so crazy about the issues we've had
with it
(no hot water for two weeks
just to name one)
and impossible neighbors upstairs.
(recently filed complaint with police)

steve and i went to look at an 
apartment in the 7th yesterday.
this is the view from the family room.
(as griffy says)

i just can't even imagine.
it's on the 7th floor.
and it's a very different design 
from our current flat.
it will take some work to 
really make it feel like home.
the flat we are in now is furnished.
the one we're looking at is not.
we do have our own beds so 
we don't need to buy those.

we'll need
i was up half the night
thinking of decorating
and furniture buying.
does anyone else dream
of linen couches,
old farm tables
and vintage decor?
my brain needs a nap!

we put a bid in on it
this morning..
fingers crossed!


  1. Now that is a view! Will keep fingers crossed for you!

  2. We've having issues with neighbors, too. Of the dog poop kind! :( Hoping you get this one, decorating from scratch would be soooooo fun! And with a view like that, you don't need much.

  3. Squeal!!! You simply must get that sofa now!! Filed a complaint?! It must be getting even worse upstairs, huh? Is that even possible?! xo

  4. Pam,

    Sorry to hear of your constant troubles in your old flat BUT I hope you get your new flat!! I eat, sleep, and drink home decor with almost everything that you named. :-) I enjoy my home so much and making it feel cozy and welcoming. I have to ask.... a linen couch?!? I can't decide if you are crazy or brave wanting to own one of those with kiddos in the house. :-p Don't get me wrong, I'd love nothing more than to have a piece of linen furniture but I'm afraid it wouldn't last and I'd be kicking myself. Right now I'm oogling over a Chesterfield distressed brown leather couch that I think would work much better with my three little ones. If I ever make it to Paris I'll want to hit the flea markets and shop at once but for now I'll stick to my estate sales to find vintage treasures. Anyway, have a lovely day and thanks for the eye candy to look at in the mean time!


  5. i know of a linen couch that would be PERFECT in your new flat : )

    i will never forget how you told me that you & the upstairs neighbor say,
    "bon JOUR!" to one another, in the most irritated way possible.

  6. Gorgeous view - fingers crossed for you!

  7. Oh my goodness that is a view! Difficult neighbors can cause anyone to move. People seem to be getting more rude every day. Good luck!

  8. I really hope this works out for you Pam!
    Sending hopeful wishes your way.

  9. Waaaahah! Oh my goodness. I SO want you to get that apartment!! Now THAT is living in Paris. And Suzanne is right--with views like that, who needs much? And besides HOW much fun would it be to start from scratch? I did when I moved here and I really treasure everything that we have. Plus, who knows, if you get it you just might need to take a trip down to Provence so that you can get a real Provencal farm table at L'Ile sur la Sorgue. ;) I must have missed hearing about your neighbors before but honestly run don't hide from them--it really is a whole different kit n'kaboodle in France and once things turn nasty there is no going back--I have heard horror stories...
    Fingers triple crossed!

  10. So sorry about the bad neighbors. I hope this new flat works out for you. The view is mighty fine! Purchasing some beautiful French antiques for your home would be lovely! And, I do dream of the same home decor purchases. Best wishes on your new spot in Paris. Thanks for taking us along!

  11. Wow! You have to get it so we can all see the pictures:)) Good luck!!

  12. I think your mama (my friend Sue) will take care of whatever problems... these neighbors think they might be causing.... :)

  13. Did. You. Get. It?
    OMG!!!! And, with YOUR taste, the new place would be fantastique! xoxo